Is the investment in EB3 safe?

EB3 Visa. Opportunities and waiting times?


You now know that it could take a while with EB-3.

The difference between skilled and professionals lies primarily in the Bachelor's degree; Proof that there are no "qualified workers" for the position in the USA is mandatory for both sub-categories (-> "You must be performing work for which qualified workers are not available in the United States").

Whether your technician passes a bachelor's degree in Labor Certification - a good question and nobody will be able to answer that here in the forum, because, to my knowledge, nobody went to the USA with an EB-3 as a technician. Only an agency or lawyer with the appropriate experience can effectively give you an indication here.

Be that as it may, if proof is provided that only you are suitable for the job and you have the ETA-9089 form in your hands, then the matter is as good as gone as long as your employer can prove to USCIS that he can is able to pay you your wages.

Mein Brötchengeber engages a specialized law firm for all visa matters. If your future employer doesn't do that, but has no experience with the process and laboratory certification, but you have the money and the will to invest something, then it definitely makes sense to do so.

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