Shouldn't Arya Stark be dead

"Game Of Thrones": What does the end of the 3rd episode mean for the Night King?

Warning, spoilers for the third episode of the eighth "Game Of Thrones" season will follow!

So there we have it: The Night King (Vladimir Furdik) is dead. He didn't say a word until the very end. When at the end of the episode "The Long Night" it already looked as if there was no more chance for our heroes and the superior-looking Night King reached for his sword to attack the three-eyed raven a.k.a. To kill Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright), he was stopped at the very last minute: by Arya Stark (Maisie Williams)!

If a completely unexpected twist doesn't come around the corner from somewhere, which we don't believe, that's it with the Night King, his army, his plans for the eternal darkening of the earth and also with his story arc. The battle not only for Winterfell was decided, but also for the survival of mankind. The Night King did not fly secretly to King’s Landing and did not turn out to be a big boss, but leaves the playing field to the people again, so that they can now pursue their feud for the throne undisturbed by mysterious blue villains.

Of course there were losses on the human side too - R.I.P. Jorah, Beric, Lyanna, Theon, Edd, and also Melisandre, although she wasn't a direct victim of the battle. But the most surprising death for many would have been that of the Night King, who was almost a tad too easy on the stage. But maybe you can also call it consistent: We viewers were lured on the wrong track over seasons, that in truth it is about the fight against the Night King and not at all about the stupid throne. And the twist is now that we recognize that we have been caught in a false belief.

The plan of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Co. has worked out (even if most of the other plans for the battle turned out to be rather stupid #Dothraki attack #Crypt), their opponent actually went to decoy Bran in the gods' grove and despite seeming Invincibility then presented his Achilles heel: the vulnerability to Valyrian steel, after, for example, the fire of the dragon Drogon could not harm him.

But how could Arya sneak up on the Night King so unnoticed and thus save more than just the day? We suspect: Through her training with the Faceless Men, she managed to sneak up incredibly well. It might sound too easy, but meanwhile everything on “Game Of Thrones” no longer takes the complicated route, some things just work pretty straightforward. Confused theories turn out to be less and less true - sometimes things are just the way they are now. The jump from Arya to the Night King suggests that she might be sitting in a tree.

Did she use a white walker's face?

Nevertheless, the possibility that Arya snatched the face of a White Walker and mingled with the Night King's companions continues to be discussed on the Internet. After all, she learned this skill from the Faceless Men, and that theory was one of the most popular leading up to the third episode of season eight. The theory is fueled by the moment one of the White Walkers takes a quick look around just before Arya's attack.

The fans seem to forget that Arya would have to kill a White Walker to steal his face. And as we have seen several times in the series, these disintegrate into small pieces of ice when you kill them. So there is no face left that can still be used. We therefore believe that the White Walker only heard Arya's approach - and fortunately too late.

So did anyone else notice this dude’s face glimmer ?? What is Arya wearing a wight’s face ?? # / KImGNjISCv

- India Parkman (@indiaparkman) April 29, 2019

Arya didnt jump over a ton of white walkers, she was wearing the face of one, hence melissandre: "brown eyes, green eyes, BLUE EYES" #NotToday

- evan (@evanmNJD) April 29, 2019

This here ... is that Arya wearing a face of death? #

- lattefresco (@ 4cereal) April 29, 2019

If Arya put on a Wight face fine, but if not, how she sneak up on the night king, surrounded by his people, in the open, and she came flying out of the air

- Hakuto Shinken Sicksteen (@ sicksteen_216) April 29, 2019

This includes the clip of the White Walker glancing. That glance made me think Arya was wearing its face.

- evan (@evanmNJD) April 29, 2019

Arya leaps on the Night King, ready to kill him with her Valyrian steel dagger. But the guy has what it takes, turns around in a flash and grabs Arya by the throat while still in the air. But Arya also has a lot to do - her perfectly trained reflexes work without having to see what she is doing. Her raised left hand drops the dagger, but her right hand catches the blade and stabs the Night King in the stomach. This breaks like an ice statue, his subjects do the same and also the dragon Viserion perishes, this time for good.

It is almost poetic that the Night King comes to an end in front of a weirwood tree - tied to such a tree, he was also created. Back then the children of the forest rammed a dragon glass dagger into his heart, now it is one made of Valyrian steel that brings him down. Interestingly, it's the same dagger that Bran was supposed to be murdered with in season one and which he later gave to Arya ...

Is there more to the Night King, who - probably to the displeasure of no fewer spectators - takes most of his secrets with him to the grave? It is the classic curse of complicated series that they cannot resolve all of the mysteries towards the end - but some are also intended to remain in the dark.

Is the Night King still alive?

For example, many fans still ask the question, whether the Night King was a Targaryen or not. Eventually he was able to ride a dragon and dragon fire left him unharmed. We'll probably never know - but most of all, it's just not important to the series. The Night King was a powerful magical creature. That he could ride Viserion could only be due to the fact that he rules all the undead. That fire cannot harm him could be part of his magic, just as he can "resurrect" dead bodies, bring snow, ice and darkness and even cause regular storms, as happened in the episode.

And what about the possibility that he's still alive? Of course it can be - maybe the Night King was able to save himself from his body before it burst, very wild theories say that it carried over to Bran. According to the popular fan theory, that would make Bran the Night King after all, who could then turn things around in his favor in the end. But that all of his followers were destroyed with him, rather indicates that his power is really and finally extinguished.

3 more episodes: Are we still surprised?

Whether you think that's the right way to go or not: As I said, we tend to believe that “Game Of Thrones” will come to a pretty straightforward ending. Which characters will get which victories is of course uncertain - see Arya, who has just killed the Night King, although many had bet on Jon. But there will probably no longer be the really big surprises. Still, it remains exciting, because we at least know that the end of “Game Of Thrones” is supposed to be bittersweet, so it won't just ripple towards a happy ending in the coming episodes.

How it could go on from episode four and why Arya knew that she would be able to kill the Night King, we will deal with that in more detail in further articles. The fourth episode of the eighth and final "Game Of Thrones" season will be on the night of May 5th to 6th, 2019.

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