Brad Pitt cheated on Angelina Jolie

Did Angelina Jolie cheat on Brad?

Vodka bottles and sex toys

The rumors of separation about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not yet died down, so the gossip papers are already serving us the next hammer. As the American "In Touch" reports, Jolie is said to have cheated on her language teacher while filming "Salt". This was blurted out by Anna Kowalski, who worked as a maid in the posh New York Waldforf-Astoria Hotel. Allegedly, she was able to watch the dark-haired man who was supposed to teach Jolie different accents for her role go in and out of her hotel room. "She ordered cold vodka, beluga caviar, a massage table and rubber sheets. A bodyguard had to stand guard in front of the door.

After a nightly visit by the teacher, the former chambermaid found Jolie's suite in a definite state: "A dozen orchids were plucked apart and the leaves were scattered in the bathroom along with candles." Sex toys are said to have been lying around on the bed of the actress.

Particularly mean: While Angelina allegedly rolled in the sheets, Brad Pitt was only a few kilometers away on Long Island and took care of the children. “There was absolutely no chemistry between Jolie and Pitt when they were together in the hotel,” Kowalski reports. “And when they went out, it was a huge effort. Someone came and did Angelina's hair and make-up, and every step she took to the door they used was carefully planned. "

The alleged affair between Jolie and her language teacher - so far a well-kept secret in the Waldorf Astoria. But after Anna Kowalski was put in the air, she decided to chat a little out of the box. Greed for sensation or true story - we don't know either. 'InTouch', on the other hand, seems to have completely different information and has already announced that it will publish further spicy details of the interview with the former chambermaid in the next issue.

(Images: dpa / WENN)