Are emotions voluntary

Representation of Emotions and Emotionalization in Literature and Film

Date: November 18-20, 2010

Organizer: Sandra Poppe (Mainz)

The workshop treated the specificity of fictional emotions under an intermedial perspective. Apart from general questions concerning the fictional character of literary and filmic emotions, the workshop focused on the different medial strategies of emotionalization and in what way they evoke different emotions depending on the literary or filmic representation. Taking approaches from other disciplines like psychology, neuroscience and media-science as a basis, the workshop made out numerous similarities between the representation and reception in both media concerning, for example, the paradox of fiction or the paradox of mimesis. A closer examination and comparison of the means of representation revealed that audiovisual emotions can be received more directly than literary emotions that are always conveyed and received cognitively through language. Furthermore, the interrelation between represented emotions, received emotions and the circumstances of the reception (collective vs. individual) was taken into consideration. Finally, the affinity between certain emotions and their medial representation was reconsidered. In a reception with the author Katharina Hacker and the film director Oskar Roehler practical aspects concerning the artistic treatment of fictional emotions were discussed. The papers of the workshop will be published as proceedings at the end of the year.


Thomas Anz (Marburg), Michael Braun (Cologne), Jens Eder (Mainz), Anna Fenner (Göttingen), Anne Fuchs (Dublin), Ulla Gosmann (Herten), Tilmann Habermas (Frankfurt am Main), Katharina Hacker (Berlin), Julian Hanich (Berlin), Emilia Linda Heinrich (Greifswald), Claudia Hillebrandt (Göttingen), Werner Kamp (Cologne), Roland Mangold (Stuttgart), Katja Mellmann (Göttingen), Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek (Berlin), Pascal Nicklas (Berlin) , Jean-Pierre Palmier (Bielefeld), Katrin Pollmann (Göttingen), Rainer Reisenzein (Greifswald), Oskar Roehler (Berlin), Regina Roßbach (Mainz), Kerstin Thomas (Mainz), Christiane Voss (Weimar), Frank Zipfel (Mainz)