Aloe Vera slows down the aging process

Aloe Vera - the miracle plant

The name aloe vera is heard more and more often not only in natural medicine, but also in the world of cosmetics. And for a good reason. Find out why aloe vera is so good for our skin and what the plant can do in this blog post.

The benefits of the medicinal plant aloe vera

Aloe vera plants are initially reminiscent of cacti. However, the plant belongs to the grass tree family and forms dense growth groups with its short trunks. It stores a lot of water in its leaves and can therefore do without rain for a long time. The juice in the aloe vera plant was often used against constipation in the past, but nowadays, if the dose is too high, it is known about its toxic side effects.

The gel of the aloe vera, however, is still used enormously. It comes from the water reservoir of the leaves and has many positive properties due to its diverse ingredients. Aloe vera gel has an anti-inflammatory, calming and restorative effect on the skin. It cools insect bites, helps with psoriasis, sunburn and skin irritations. On wounds and skin injuries, aloe vera gel is often the first and right choice from the in-house pharmacy. The medicinal plant stimulates cell division and tissue regeneration. Many anti-aging products also contain aloe vera, as it slows down the skin aging process. Aloe Vera can be purchased either as a gel and ointment or in the form of powder, juice or capsules.

Aloe Vera at SINE-SINE
The gel that we use at SINE-SINE is made from the medicinal plant aloe vera with good reason. After the professional hair removal, the aloe vera gel is applied to the depilated areas of the skin by the Depiladora. It cools the areas of skin reddened by waxing or sugaring. Incidentally, like our shower scrubs, the SINE-SINE aloe vera gel is vegan and of course not tested on animals. It can also be applied to irritated skin areas at home and should not be missing in any first-aid kit!
Aloe Vera is a true miracle plant - see for yourself and make an appointment for professional hair removal with us.