Will Mastered Ultra Instinct def Jiren

Dragon Ball Super - My opinion on the true Ultra Instinct

The tournament of power is steadily heading for its home stretch and finally the long-awaited showdown between Goku and Jiren, his strongest opponent so far!

Apart from the unconscious Freezer, who lies in a corner of the arena, only Son Goku and Jiren stand on their feet; Both want to decide the tournament for themselves and thus protect their respective universe from certain extinction by the two Zen-Ohs. In this fight both opponents have to give everything and this exchange of blows will take on dimensions never seen before!

As in my previous "Reviews" I will go into more detail on the content of the episodes, which is why I want a clear one SPOILER WARNING want to pronounce.

What is Limits Super Surpassed about! Ultra Instinct Mastered !! and The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle !!?

Son-Goku and Jiren have an incomparable exchange of blows, which lets the audience in the stands watch the action in amazement. The arena, which has already been badly damaged, is gradually falling apart, while the two fighters throw everything into the balance and continue to attack each other. In the course of their fight, Goku begins to change and unleashes an unprecedented power: the true Ultra Instinct! Now the real duel begins and Jiren is pushed ever further to the brink of defeat, the new power of his opponent now even exceeds his own. Who will be able to win this fight?

An incomparable fight

Goku Ultra Instinct vs. Jiren
The real fight begins now, Jiren.

After this Goku for the third time Ultra Instinct Omen / Sign could activate, a relentless exchange of blows begins between him and Jiren to develop. Although he can keep up with the Pride Trooper, he still doesn't seem to have fully mastered the Ultra Instinct, as our hero just doesn't manage to land a really heavy blow. Whis notes meanwhile that this is Goku's last chance to turn this fight in his favor after all, because this new form is so draining his reserves that he, should he fall out of the Ultra Instinct Omen again, will be easy prey for Jiren and lose the fight for good. Belmod seems meanwhile to be sure of his victory, because for him there is no way how Goku could still win this fight; then interrupts him Vegeta and says that if the tournament of strength had so far shown one thing very clearly, then that the Saiyajins could overcome their limits again and againto get stronger and stronger - this exchange of blows is therefore far from over! These words make the god of the destruction of the 11th universe pause for thought, whereupon he instructs Jiren to defeat Goku immediately. The heat that emanates from Son-Goku's body is now increasing, it is so immense that it reaches the stands - while his friends are still worried, Jiren covers his opponent with a real hail of punches, the Goku can only fend off with great difficulty. Gradually, however, the tide begins to turn again as our hero counterattacks, increasing his ki more and more. Jiren does the same and wants to finally decide this fight with a huge final attack, but shortly after he had fired his ki formation, it disappeared together with Goku. The Pride Trooper notices something behind him and slowly turns around in disbelief - there is Goku, completely enveloped in massive energy, disappearing Jiren's ki-ball and giving his opponent a few violent blows.

Thereupon the veil around Goku begins to lift and gives a sight which makes the gods of destruction present rise from their places in awe, because finally our hero managed to master the Ultra Instinct. While some of the viewers believe that Goku now has the opportunity to decide the fight in his favor, others seem not to be quite so sure about this - especially not Jiren, who only sees another power-up in the Ultra Instinct and himself is still certain of his victory. Even in the early phase of their struggle, however, it becomes clear how wrong the fighter of the 11th universe was with his assessment, because Son-Goku is superior to him in every respect and more and more puts Jiren on the defensive. Their difference in strength is so immense that the fight in Jiren triggers trauma and triggers memories of his pastwhich he presumably thought he had long since buried or even surmounted - with one powerful blow he sends Goku to the ground! Kuririn shouts at the top of his throat that his friend should finally get up again and keep fighting, because he could still win this fight; much more important: he even has to win it in order to be able to save everyone. The last of the Pride Troopers froze, believing that Goku could no longer get up because he had completely exhausted his stamina. Our hero then explains to him that he cannot give up now, after all, his friends rely on him and he does not want to disappoint them under any circumstances. The friendship with his friends gives Goku another power boost and with united forces he manages to push back Jiren; However, the latter does not believe in such sentimental things as friendship and says that something like that can be easily erased, whereupon he starts an attack on the audience, which Goku can fend off at the last moment. Spurred on by a tremendous anger over the deed of his opponent, Son-Goku starts to attack Jiren again and continues to beat him with heavy blows before sending him to the ground with an immense Kamehame-Ha - the fight seems finally decided! Jiren is defeated, but still cannot understand Goku's words about trust and friendship. In the meantime, he starts the final attack and wants to throw his opponent out of the arena with a ki structure, but then something starts to stir in Goku's body and he collapses in pain. The efforts that the Ultra Instinct brought with it were too much for him and so he is now lying in front of his opponent in the dust, unable to move. Jiren gets up and attacks Goku, whom he assures that he will never forget his courage and that he will live on in his memories forever. Shortly before our hero flies out of the ring and lands in the stands, he is hit by an attack and thrown onto a flying rock. Two wounded fighters of the 7th universe rise from the rubble: Freezer and C17who want to continue the fight against Jiren! Can you really still make it? The final seconds of the tournament of strength have dawned ...

A showdown never seen before

I don't think I'm a justice hero or anything. But those who would hurt my friends ... I will not forgive!

Both episodes burned down a veritable fireworks display and were therefore nothing less than a single gigantic spectacle, the climax of which was undoubtedly the finale of their fight, in which Goku could finally bring Jiren to the brink of defeat. The characters were well drawn, but there were some pictures that we haven't seen in the more than 30 year history of the saga, and which left a lasting impression. My personal highlight in episode 129 was the moment before Son-Goku had finally achieved the true ultra instinct; enveloped by a mysterious energy, which made him almost look like a walking negative (how this veil lifted around him, certainly not by chance reminded of that moment from Resurrection 'F', in which we saw Goku for the first time as Super Saiyan Blue) and the montage in episode 130, in which we see scenes from Team 7's past while Goku and Jiren continue their fight as silhouettes before these brief flashbacks. The final phase of the fight between the two opponents is already one of the best fights in the entire franchise for me and shone not only with great drawings and outstanding animations, but also with an insane level of detail. For example, did you notice that Goku formed ki balls under his feet during this fight to slide on Jiren's ki in the air? This can only be seen for two or a maximum of three seconds, but shows how infatuated the team was with their work and this effort has definitely paid off, because we were served no less than an audiovisual treat but also a real goosebumps moment. which Goku's outburst of anger, triggered by the attack on his friends, will certainly not only stay in my memory for a long time :)

Jiren's trauma

Who cares about friendship? Who cares about trust? To accept that would mean to deny everything that I have ever been. I will not believe in such a force. Such a thing is easily erased!

When Jiren's backstory was finally examined in the 127th episode, I was quite disillusioned, after all, I was certainly not the only one who had expected a little more from this character. Episode 130 did a good job of bringing us closer to Jiren as a character and finally giving him more personality, which, in my opinion, was sorely needed. There was nothing left of his calm presented at the beginning of the tournament and for the first time he showed emotions, was even desperate in view of the truly divine power of his opponent, whom he simply could not defeat despite all his training. Suddenly Jiren was the little boy of yore again, who lost his family, friends and master because he was too weak at the time to be able to do anything. The experiences of that time taught him that one can rely solely on one's own strength, but not even that seems to be enough to compete with someone like Goku, who not only fights for himself but also for those who are close to his heart. Given the absolute superiority of his opponent, Jiren is so desperate that he sees no other way to harm Goku than to attack his friends. As a result, there was a not exactly small outcry within the community, because that a member of the Pride Troopers would cross this line seemed unthinkable until then. However, it should not have been his intention to actually kill someone, because this would certainly have meant his own extinction by the Zen-Ohs and the end of his universe. In addition, Jiren knows that the eliminated participants in the stands do not pose a threat to him; rather it was a short-circuit reaction, since he had lost control of himself; he cannot understand from his own experiences why someone should stand up for others. Quite apart from that, this attack would certainly never have reached the stands, after all, the angels would have been able to repel it as well. Jiren was more interested in a statement: He wanted to show Goku that he could lose his loved one at any time and that the only one he could really rely on was himself. Jiren is by no means a bad character, he may have had bad intentions at the moment, but that alone doesn't make him a bad guy and would also collide with the basic values ​​for which it stands. Nonetheless, it was this one scene in particular that finally gave him more personality and forced him to question what he thought was right so far.

Dragon Ball Supers 129th and 130th episodes offered the best entertainment, interweaving a good story with a famous staging to create a spectacle that was unique to date. As angry as in his fight against Jiren, we have certainly not seen Son-Goku since his fight against Freezer and the final phase of his fight in the Ultra Instinct against Jiren was an absolute highlight - not only for Dragon Ball Super, but for them entire saga. Only the end of episode 130 pulls that episode down a bit, because the fact that C17 suddenly survived deprived him of a really big moment of his character development and left me with a bitter aftertaste. Nevertheless, this is of course grumbling on an extremely high level and only marginally pulls the episodes down, because from this miraculous resurrection I just had too much fun with these episodes and can hardly wait for the grand finale of the series :)

What is your opinion on these two episodes and what is your favorite fight in the Dragon Ball saga?