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Good evening, I female 59 years old have high blood pressure values ​​every time I visit my family doctor. B. 160 to 100. A few months ago, a 24 STD. Measurement made by a cardiologist, the results were very good, almost too deep. My question, what can I do about the so-called white coat disease. Thank you in advance and best regards

Isabella Sudano: Good evening. The white coat hypertension is common. It is best to measure your blood pressure values ​​at home, at rest (after 5 minutes of sitting). If the blood pressure at home is <135/85 mmHg, everything is fine.

Good evening if you have high blood pressure you have to take medis for the rest of your life, best dsnk

Roman Brenner: Unfortunately, high blood pressure is (mostly) a chronic disease with hereditary components. So-called lifestyle measures (regular physical activity, weight reduction, low-salt diet) can also lower blood pressure, but medication to control blood pressure is usually indicated and must be taken for a long time, often into old age

Amlodipine is poisoned? i had a stroke, do i have to worry?

Roman Brenner: Regarding amlodipine, there are no concerns about contamination. Amlodipine belongs to the calcium channel blocker category and is a good antihypertensive agent. With the BD lowering achieved in this way, strokes can be reduced, but unfortunately not completely prevented, as other factors can play a role in the development of the strokes. It is important to have consistent and good blood pressure control after a stroke.

I am 71 and have had low blood pressure for decades. It has been different for about 5 years. Now I have an average of 140 (syst.), 75 (dyst.) And 72 pulse. I am normal weight (1m 66, 60 kg), eat quite healthy and do a little exercise, but rather too little. Do I have to take a medicine for high blood pressure? And - what and how much? Many Thanks!

Isabella Sudano: The values ​​you are describing are not too high (high blood pressure is defined as> 140/90 mmHg). At the moment, pharmacological therapy does not seem indicated. Please also observe the lifestyle measure (regular physical activity, healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables) and measure your blood pressure regularly at rest.

Good evening, I've been taking amlodipine for about 2 years, do I have to fear the consequences? And is it normal, despite blood pressure medication, when I feel my heart muscles every now and then? Thank you very much.

Roman Brenner: Good and consistent blood pressure control is important. Amlodipine is a suitable drug for this purpose. This can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but not completely eliminate it, as other factors (smoking, cholesterol, genetics) also play an important role. You shouldn't feel the heart muscle. In this situation it is important to verify whether the symptoms actually have a cause in the heart or are more due to the muscles / skeleton of the upper body. The best thing to do is to consult your family doctor. If necessary, he or she will initiate further clarifications.

What is more dangerous? the lower plus / minus 100 or the upper over 140

Isabella Sudano: The upper and lower blood pressures are important and the risk of a cardiovascular event increases if the blood pressure is> 140/90 mmHg.

I have been taking medication for high blood pressure for years. There are now 4 different pills a day. Is that normal? Isn't there just one pill?

Roman Brenner: Unfortunately, it is not so rare that several active ingredients have to be taken in order to lower blood pressure efficiently enough. Today there are effective combination preparations with up to 3 active ingredients, so that you do not have to take every active ingredient in a single tablet and can thus "save" tablets.

Were these impurities also found in losartan?

Isabella Sudano: No, the contamination was only found in valsartan drugs individually.

Good evening, I take beta blockers, I have to pay special attention to it during training, because the pulse is pressed by the beta blockers. . Wear a heart rate belt.

Roman Brenner: The beta blockers reduce the pulse effectively (depending on the dose) both at rest and during exercise. The training heart rate shifts downwards as a result, as does the maximum achievable heart rate under maximum load. The training is therefore best controlled by subjective perception and correlated with the respective heart rate. If you want to know exactly, a performance test is recommended.

Good evening - I've been taking the blood pressure medication Amlodipin-Mepha (5mg) for about 2 weeks. Before that I took Coversum (5mg). Have had severe stomach pains very often. Now that I have switched to amlodipine, the stomach ache has not yet disappeared. (I hope it stays that way, only take this for 2 weeks) Can you recommend another blood pressure medication where I won't get severe stomach pain again. Thanks in advance for your tip

Andreas Schönenberger: All blood pressure medication can also have side effects. Amlodipine can also hit the stomach. You just have to try out what suits you best.

Lower blood pressure approx always 105 is more dangerous than the upper one? What can be the causes of high blood pressure?

Andreas Schönenberger: Yes, too high a blood pressure is not good either. Mostly it is due to the vessels, which have too high a resistance.

I have been taking blood lowering medis for 15 years, my blood pressure has been around 120-80 for a year can I reduce the medi?

Andreas Schönenberger: Yes, if the blood pressure values ​​are within the target range even with fewer medications, you can usually also reduce medication.

Which doctor is the right one for high blood pressure problems?

Andreas Schönenberger: The family doctor!

Good evening, I'm taking antihypertensive medication. Now the blood pressure is ok, but the pulse is around 90 to 95 beats / min. Shouldn't the pulse also automatically decrease due to the medication? I go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week. Kind regards E.M.

Isabella Sudano: Only certain antihypertensive drugs lower the pulse together with the blood pressure (e.g. beta blockers). At the beginning of therapy, the pulse may rise because the blood pressure is a little lower than before when you get up quickly or when you exercise. It is best to discuss this with the doctor who prescribed the drug

Good evening! I am 36 years old and do sports regularly! I feel good too! How about me at my age Do you have to measure your blood pressure regularly?

Roman Brenner: Congratulations! Sport is healthy! Regular blood pressure measurement is nevertheless recommended and depends on your further risk, such as whether the blood pressure problem is very common in your family or whether you smoke, suffer from diabetes or have high blood lipids. If you have such risk factors, you should have your blood pressure checked more often.

Is high blood pressure an obesity disease?

Isabella Sudano: Not quite ... High blood pressure and obesity can be associated and weight loss can reduce blood pressure somewhat. In addition, obesity can be associated with other cardiovascular risk factors (high cholesterol, diabetes ...). However, it is not that every person who is overweight will develop high blood pressure

My cardiologist is very happy when I have values ​​from 109/113 to around 60. But then I am often tired and like to go to sleep for half an hour. I would be more comfortable if it was higher. I have to take Valtan after having a stent surgery. Ps. Does Valtan have poison in there too? Does this medi make muscles and synovial joints? Would something else be better? Thanks for the answer.

Roman Brenner: The blood pressure values ​​you have described are very good. Unfortunately, tiredness is a very common and unspecific problem, but it can also be caused by lowering blood pressure. This is where the difficulty of adjusting blood pressure lies. In your specific situation, a dose reduction of the blood pressure drug would be justified to see whether you feel significantly better with it, but with good blood pressure control. The Valtan can be contaminated with certain batches. Joint problems are theoretically possible with this drug, but not typical. A change should be considered.

I have been taking Valtan-Mepha 80 mg for a while. I have an appointment with my family doctor on September 7th. Should I take the drug by this date?

Isabella Sudano: Please continue to take the medication until the appointment with the HA.

My blood pressure is often 90 to 60. I feel good. Should i do something? Or is it worth it? My old man is 58 years.

Isabella Sudano: Such blood pressure values ​​are very good and if you are feeling well there is nothing to worry about.

Good evening - I am 58 years old, I feel healthy, I do a lot of sport. I had high blood pressure, treated with Lisitril 20. In a cardiological examination, I was diagnosed with severe mitral regurgitation, with enlargement of the area within the two examinations of 3 years. My question: If the increased blood pressure affects the development, I shouldn't wait too long to have an operation and "repair" the valve, even though I am exercising or doing sports

Roman Brenner: Therapy with lisitrile can have a positive effect on the leakage of the mitral valve and, under certain circumstances, postpone an operation if you are performing well and the heart muscle has not yet been damaged. However, this must be done under close supervision by your cardiologist. High blood pressure is unfavorable in patients with a leak in the mitral valve, as it allows more blood to flow through the leaky valve back into the lung circulation.

Do you measure your blood pressure on your left or right upper arm?

Isabella Sudano: Normally, the blood pressure should be measured once on the left and right. If there is a significant difference, the blood pressure on the arm should be measured with higher values.

I've been taking medium blood pressure for years, I've been taking a beta tablet for three weeks and it's still 179/96, what else can you do for lower blood pressure?

Andreas Schönenberger: I assume you are taking several medications. The blood pressure is certainly still too high. What can be done about it is sometimes a difficult question. For that you have to know your whole story. Occasionally it is necessary to clarify whether there is a specific cause for the high blood pressure. It is best to ask your family doctor.

Is a low pulse (due to sport) also related to blood pressure?

Andreas Schönenberger: Not directly! There are also people with a low pulse, who have high blood pressure, and vice versa.

Good evening I have MS. My blood pressure is 85/45 on average. Is that harmless? Everyone only speaks of high blood pressure. Thank you for your reponse. Greeting

Roman Brenner: Low blood pressure is much more difficult to influence. Of course there is a lower limit for blood pressure where the oxygen supply to the tissue is no longer guaranteed. But this is mostly the case in acute hospital situations, if you feel comfortable at home with this blood pressure and this is not uncommon, I would advise you to drink enough fluids and discuss this problem with your neurologist.

Had to take atacant and amlodipine for 10 years. I decided to switch to low carb around July 20th. I haven't needed any medication since 1 day. Today I have about 70/80 - 125/140. My family doctor has no explanation. What do you think of the situation.

Andreas Schönenberger: Difficult ... You have to know the whole story now. Low carb diet naturally helps you lose weight, and less weight also means lower blood pressure. -10% body weight = -10 mmHg blood pressure = 1 blood pressure medication.

Thank you very much, Dr Brenner, I had an operation on a new knee joint in September 2017 in the hospital I always had high blood pressure, so I had to stay longer. At home I was better now, under medical supervision, I take Doxazosin retart and Coveram every day, because the blood pressure is always high when If I don't take the medication, do I have to take the pills forever? Thank you very much.

Roman Brenner: If you suffer from what is known as primary hypertension, i.e. a chronic, hereditary form of blood pressure, there is a high probability that you will have to take medication for life if you want your blood pressure to be well controlled.

I am 66 years old, a retired housewife and mother. For many years I have had rather low blood pressure; it goes between 95 to 60 and au 13o to 65. But I don't feel dizzy, which is also different. But today I feel a little storm every now and then. Question which blood pressure apparatus are recommended? Which blood pressure scale is good for me, right? Thanks!

Isabella Sudano: The blood pressure values ​​you describe are in the normal range. In people who do not take medication, the blood pressure is a little lower when the temperature is hot and getting up quickly can make them dizzy. There are many good blood pressure monitors that have been validated. The devices with an arm cuff are best because the arm artery is always at the level of the heart. If you prefer a wrist device, please do not forget to keep your wrist at the level of your heart during the measurements.

how is it when the blood pressure in the morning is 145-160 / 90.95 and in the evening in bed it is always 110..115/70, with the family doctor always high. 5 kg already lost, daily 10-20,000 steps, pilates yoga, back gym. no car, just bike ..... need treatment? currently losartan ... 25.50 mg best thanks

Roman Brenner: In this situation, it is advisable to carry out a 24-hour blood pressure measurement and to determine the mean value of the BP over 24 hours. Thereafter, the therapy may have to be adjusted a little; it may be enough to give the medication in the evening instead of in the morning. Great, keep doing so much exercise!

I have been taking Co Valsartan 80 / 12.5 from Spirig for several years. The batch indicated on the package is on the recall list. Which manufacturer should I switch to?

Andreas Schönenberger: I would switch to a batch that is not on the recall list. :-) It's best to ask your family doctor. PS: As I said in the post, the risk of a dangerous side effect is very low. Just switch in the near future.

My upper blood pressure is 120-130. The lower blood pressure is between 90-100, which is too high. Is it even possible to lower blood pressure with medication?

Isabella Sudano: Usually the antihypertensive drugs reduce the upper and lower blood pressure levels. However, there are drugs that are best suited for patients with isolated elevations in lower blood pressure.

I am currently taking (stens surgery from the age of 10): Ezetrol 10mg, Aspirin Cardio, Metoprolol 50mg, Rosuvastation 20mg, Candesartan Plus 16, 12.5mg, Amplodipin Mepha 5 mg, Pantoprazole 40mg. My heart specialist recommends that I reduce the number of drugs: ie Rosuvastatin & Ezetrol in one tablet (Mepha) & Candesartan Plus & Amlodipine as Valsartan HCT 10/160, 12.6mg. Is that also recommended on your part?

Roman Brenner: Combination preparations are generally recommended because they make it easier to take the medication. Somewhat unfortunate is the double prescription of the same substance class, i.e. candesartan + valsartan. One should limit oneself to one -sartan. As far as I know, rosuvastatin and ezetrol are not yet available in a combination preparation, but there are, for example, atorvastatin and ezetrol as atozet.

Good evening, my blood pressure is often below 100. So 90/60. I feel good. Should I do something here? Can there be damage?

Andreas Schönenberger: Certainly not! All the best! People with blood pressure like yours often notice this (e.g. tiredness, weakness, dizziness), but they live the longest of all. Sleep well now!

Good evening, I've been taking Valtan-Mepha 80 mg for about 4 years. Before that, I had losartan. If I can continue to take the Valtan Mepha until September 7th, then I have an appointment with the family doctor

Roman Brenner: I would recommend that to you.

For weeks I have had a slight pressure in my head, and now and then I feel slightly "troubled". Blood pressure always 140 to 150 systolic and 90-120 diastolic. My family doctor has now prescribed me a blood pressure medication: 1 tablet daily of Olmetec Plus 40mg / 12.5mg, which I have been taking for 3 days. The upper blood pressure has dropped slightly, the lower not yet. What are the consequences of high blood pressure? Why am I dizzy? (Usually one hears that the high blood pressure is not noticeable). thanks

Roman Brenner: The increased blood pressure can indeed cause symptoms such as headaches or "rubble". The causes of high lower (diastolic) blood pressure are the same as for high upper (systolic) blood pressure, very often the high diastolic is accompanied by a high systolic BP. The blood pressure medication takes about 4-6 weeks to take full effect. Give yourself a little more time, 3 days are too short to be able to judge the success.

I have been taking Co Valsartan 80 / 12.5 from Spirig for several years. The batch indicated on the package is on the recall list. Which manufacturer should I switch to?

Roman Brenner: The best thing to do is to discuss this with your family doctor, who can prescribe a suitable preparation for you.It is possible to change the active ingredient to another sartan, but it is also possible to choose an unaffected batch from another supplier.

why is (for me) the blood pressure always higher in the morning than during the day? ° Why can (for me) my blood pressure drop during physical activity - up to negative pressure? ° Why is the syst./diast. Pressure difference mostly about 80?

Isabella Sudano: Blood pressure is usually highest after getting up and it is absolutely normal for blood pressure to drop after exercise (this is due to the vasodilatation caused by exercise). There is no fix syst./diast. Pressure difference, that is very different from person to person and for the same person in different situations

Lately the under value has increased for me, e.g. 140/108. What are the consequences?

Roman Brenner: The consequences are similar to those of high systolic blood pressure: an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. It is best to lower your blood pressure.

My blood pressure reducer is called "Cansartan-Mepha Plus". Is this drug affected by the contamination currently under discussion?

Andreas Schönenberger: No, that is a different active ingredient and shouldn't be affected.

Good evening! I am 63 years old and take Cansartan Mepha 32mg. Is this drug also affected?

Roman Brenner: No, only the preparations with the active ingredient valsartan.

Good evening, does my pulse have an influence on the blood pressure? I don't do sports regularly. Only for 3 months strength training against osteoporosis, which my doctor prescribed. Thank you

Roman Brenner: The pulse and blood pressure are mostly independent of each other. However, exercise lowers both the pulse and blood pressure.

Mine is taking Valtartan 80 mg from Helvepharm. This product is on the list of products affected by the recall. Is it advisable to urgently contact your family doctor and discontinue the drug immediately.?

Andreas Schönenberger: The risk that something will happen in the next few days due to the contamination is extremely low. I rate the risk of something happening if you simply discontinue the drug to be much higher. So: keep taking it, see your family doctor soon and change the preparation.

+++ You have helped me a lot, Dr Brenner, thank you very much. +++

Good evening, I am 57 years old and have had increased LOWER blood pressure for a good 10 years. Without medication, my values ​​would be around 110 to 130. Today I measure my values ​​about every other day and currently take antihypertensive drugs about 3 to 5 times a week. I have no side effects. If the bottom is below 90, I'll leave the medication off. Can I continue like this or do you recommend another approach? Thank you for your reply.

Isabella Sudano: Antihypertensive drugs should never be taken when needed. If they are needed, regular intake is very important as the blood pressure variability has negative effects on our cardiovascular system. The lower blood pressure should always be <90 mmHg. A lower blood pressure of, for example, 82 mmHg is no reason to skip the medication

Good evening, my blood pressure is okay, but my heart rate is between 90 and 100 when I am at rest. Is this dangerous? Do you have to do something about it? I am of normal weight, go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week and also do endurance training (cross trainer). Thank you in advance.

Andreas Schönenberger: No, it is usually not dangerous. It is important that you discuss this with your family doctor once, whether a rare heart problem is keeping the pulse so high, and do an EKG once.

Can high blood pressure only be reduced with medication, despite sport, exercise, a healthy diet, no alcohol and no nicotine?

Roman Brenner: Unfortunately, the laudable lifestyle measures you cited usually do not bring about a complete normalization of the BD, but they are certainly to be recommended to every patient with high blood pressure. In rare cases of very mild, newly diagnosed hypertension, this is occasionally sufficient, but unfortunately usually not in the long term. But lifestyle measures have other beneficial effects on health that are independent of high blood pressure. So very recommendable!

I have a high lower value and the upper one rather low (115-120), i.e. sometimes the two values ​​are approximately the same. Which value is actually more important to adhere to?

Andreas Schönenberger: ... I do not think that both values ​​are approximately the same, you would be dead by then. It is more likely a measurement error. Regarding your question: both values ​​are important.

good evening I'll take valsatan sandoz 160, from sandos, are the e medis dangerous? As a genrika they recommended gliclazid from spirig HC retard are they also contaminated? merci and beautiful abig.gruss

Roman Brenner: Valsartan Sandoz is not affected by a recall, as is gliclazide.

I am 59 years old and take my blood pressure regularly. Often it is 130/95. I don't know why my blood pressure is so high. I do sports, I am not overweight and eat low-salt. What should I do?

Isabella Sudano: The lower blood pressure is indeed not in the ideal range at 95 mmHg, the cause is genetic in most cases. A 24-hour blood pressure measurement can be helpful in deciding whether pharmacological therapy is necessary

How do you know that the blood pressure is too high ...? (Dizziness?)

Roman Brenner: Under certain circumstances, high blood pressure can be noticed as unspecific symptoms (dizziness, headache, chest pain). Often, however, you (unfortunately) do not notice high blood pressure.

I am 87 years old and take 1 tablet of TELMISARTAN 80 mg daily and 1 tablet of CARDIAX ASS 100 mg every other day as recommended by my family doctor. My blood pressure fluctuates greatly, depending on the situation / activity / climate. Now with hot temperatures I have low values, sometimes extreme, e.g. 91/58. But I feel very comfortable with it, because I feel very comfortable in warm temperatures. When it gets colder, which I don't like so much because I freeze quickly, I have values ​​like 187/90.

Andreas Schönenberger: Yes, blood pressure is sometimes difficult to adjust, especially when it fluctuates a lot. The average value is important. If a blood pressure of 187/90 lasts longer, of course it is not that good, but for a short time it is not a problem. The fact that your blood pressure is so temperature-dependent can indicate that the fluctuation has something to do with your fluid balance. So drink enough during heat waves. Talk to your general practitioner about the cold, if necessary!

I have been taking 1/2 tablet of Losartan axapharm as prescribed by my family doctor for years. What do i do now

Andreas Schönenberger: Keep taking! Losartan is not the same as valsartan.

Good evening, I'm taking Amlodipin-Mepha (5mg). Is the 5mg drug of amlodipine also affected or just the Amlodipin-Valsartan-Mepha 10mg Medi? Should I or do I have to change?

Andreas Schönenberger: Only the combination preparation with valsartan is affected. Amlodipine is completely different.

How do I get my extremely unstable blood pressure under control? I am a 63-year-old woman and suffer from severe fluctuations in blood pressure, from 140 to 190 to 80 to 105. I have a severe allergic reaction to antihypertensive drugs: reddened, hot and very puffy face next to pale white areas. I also have moderate sleep apnea that is also untreatable: the ventilator induces vomiting, what can I do? Where can I find help?

Roman Brenner: Fluctuations in blood pressure are normal and, like a fluctuating pulse, are part of excitement or exertion. A standardized measurement using a 24-hour BP measurement is important in order to determine the mean value over 24 hours and thus control the therapy for high blood pressure. But the expectation that the blood pressure will always be between 120-140mmHg is often illusory and not feasible. There are many antihypertensive substances available, so if you show an adverse drug reaction, your doctor should try additional preparations. With regard to sleep apnea, your lung specialist should discuss other possible ventilation alternatives with you.

Good evening, my blood pressure is always pretty good between 120/110 and 80/75. On the other hand, I have a constantly high pulse between 110 and 120. My age: 81, weight 106 kg. What should I do?

Andreas Schönenberger: Great, the blood pressure is good. The pulse is probably also good, but the family doctor should take a look at it and do an EKG and, depending on the case, further clarifications.

In April I suddenly had atrial fibrillation and have been taking Xarelto 20mg and Bisoprolol-Mepha 2.5mg since then, after about a week I suddenly had very high blood pressure and now have Triatec 2.5mg once in the morning and once in the evening. When it comes to blood pressure, I feel like it's jumping up and down. Sometimes 140, then 106. The lower one is more regular. I would probably have to take Xarelto for life, the doctor said after the ultrasound, because the left ventricle is slightly larger than the right.

Isabella Sudano: With atrial fibrillation, most electronic devices are unable to correctly measure blood pressure. In addition, the upper blood pressure is related to the pulse, so with a high pulse, as can suddenly be the case with atrial fibrillation, the upper blood pressure can also be higher. With atrial fibrillation it is very important to take the anticoagulation regularly and it may only be stopped after consulting a doctor

I am 83 years old. My lower blood pressure is between 55/65. Is it good ?

Andreas Schönenberger: Yes, basically that's not bad. However, if you are taking medication for high blood pressure and the lower blood pressure is so low as a result, this should be kept in mind. Under high blood pressure medication, the lower one should not be below 60 mmHg.

Good evening if the upper one is high and the lower one rather low on what can that be. I'm 56 and my blood pressure is a lot of 161/56

Roman Brenner: In old age - I don't include you - a big difference can be the expression of stiff blood vessels, but your diastolic BP is very low. If this is not an incorrect measurement and can be reproduced, you should talk to your doctor and arrange for an echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart), since such a high blood pressure difference between systolic and diastolic BP could indicate a leak in the aortic valve.

A heart attack has been detected in my left eye with only 20% vision. Is it only the high blood pressure that is the trigger, or are there no other triggers? Nin 65 years old

Andreas Schönenberger: I'm sorry. There are other triggers as well. It may well be that the high blood pressure has led to vascular changes over the years, which have caused the infarction. Another common cause are small clots that have formed in the heart and are then flushed there with the blood. It is important to have a good blood thinning, if nothing speaks against it, as well as a good control of all risk factors that lead to it.

I am 46 years old and jog about 3 times a week (about 45 minutes each). My blood pressure is in the limit range (approx. 145/90), but after jogging it is a lot lower (approx. 120/80). Is there a reason? Thank you for your reply.

Isabella Sudano: During exercise, the blood vessels expand and that leads to a reduction in blood pressure. If the blood pressure at rest (after 5 minutes of sitting, mean of two measurements) is 145/90 mmHg and you are ready to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet with not too much salt, and do not smoke, a 24-hour blood pressure measurement would be helpful to decide whether pharmacological therapy is necessary.

Grüezi I 31 years old, always too high 100/160 when donating blood, doctors etc., EKG top, heart ultrasound top, measurements twice a month in the morning still lying in bed always perfect, up to 90 to 140 but never too deep. General practitioner means taking medication, cardiologist does not mean .... ?? 24 hours Measurement was much too high .... but I was also like on needles for the whole 24 hours ... what now? Is it wrong to measure lying down?

Roman Brenner: The blood pressure should be measured while sitting after resting for 5 minutes. Your values ​​are obviously measured repeatedly too high, even in the 24-hour BP measurement, which does not indicate white coat hypertension. Depending on the risk profile, lifestyle measures can be tried if the high blood pressure is only mild. However, if the blood pressure is still too high after 3 months, drug therapy is recommended.

Good evening, there is 5 mg in the drug Amolodipin-Mepha. also contain valsartan, or I can continue to take my medication with a clear conscience. thanks

Andreas Schönenberger: It depends on the preparation. Ask your general practitioner about your next check-up. But please don't panic! The risk is extremely low.

I am 83 years old. My lower blood pressure is between 55/65 .. Is that good? BD otherwise well regulated by medication.

Roman Brenner: If you do not have any symptoms and do not suffer from coronary artery disease with an untreated constriction of the coronary arteries, these values ​​can be tolerated. However, I would not increase the medication.

With blood pressure tablets I have an average blood pressure of 130/80, for example when I do sports. 30min on the treadmill, my blood pressure drops significantly to 100/60. Is it normal for blood pressure to go down while doing sports?

Isabella Sudano: That is absolutely normal: during exercise, the blood vessels expand and this leads to a drop in blood pressure. I congratulate: 130/80 mmHg is great!

I am 33 years old, weigh 84 kilos, I was 10 kilos more and have been doing sports regularly since January 2018 and have already lost weight. Despite being overweight, I used to have low blood pressure. For me, the upper value is always below 100, sometimes even lower, 90 to even 85. Do I have to worry? Right now, while sitting, measured 101 to 65. Very rarely more than 100. I often feel tired, limp and listless. What would be your advice?

Andreas Schönenberger: Your symptoms are typical of low blood pressure. People with low blood pressure complain their whole life that they are often tired, limp and listless, they outlive everyone else and become the oldest of all. You can't have everything in life ... :-)

As a result of insufficiency (EF 40%), my blood pressure is reduced by medication (beta blockers and Diovan) to approx. 100/60 (pulse 55). Occasionally feel dizzy. What are the possible long-term consequences of such Bd values?

Roman Brenner: The long-term consequences is a better protection of your heart! These blood pressure values ​​are very good for your heart, but you shouldn't be too bothered by dizziness.

good evening i take candresartan 16 / 12.5 blood pressure tablets my blood pressure is around 120/75 during the day I move a lot every day, but always around 145/89 in the morning why it is in the morning, it is always so high in the morning I have to I also have to say that I sleep very poorly for about 3-4 hours. why is that?

Isabella Sudano: The morning after getting up, the blood pressure is highest. A bad night's sleep can contribute to the high blood pressure levels in the morning. It would be important to understand whether there is a reason for the sleep disturbance and by means of a 24 hour blood pressure measurement it can be clarified whether the drug lasts 24 hours for you.

Good evening. My GP thinks my values ​​are as good as possible. Is this really the case? I'm 81 years old, take 1 Bilol 2.5 and 1/2 Losartan 50 in the morning. Just measured: 119/64 / Pulse 80. On August 12, for example, 114/60/73 in the morning, 133/67/74 in the evening. Is the diastolic value not too deep?

Andreas Schönenberger: Yes, that's really as good as possible. What more do you want? The diastolic value may indeed be too low, but the problem starts when it is less than 60 mmHg.

I am 22 years old, 166 cm tall and 53 kg. I have very low blood pressure (90 to 50). My family doctor says that low blood pressure is not a problem for me, especially because I am a tall, slim person. Since I sit a lot during the day (student), I don't have a lot of exercise. However, I notice that my motivation / performance is suffering and that I get tired quickly when I sit for a long time (after 20 minutes). Does my low blood pressure really have no effects (including lfg)?

Roman Brenner: No, young women tend to have relatively low blood pressure. Don't worry. I would not advise you to actively raise your BP with medication, but you should ensure that you are drinking enough fluids.

I regularly take the blood pressure medication CoAprovel 150 / 12.5mg, which was prescribed by my family doctor. My question for you: Can I take Gly-Coramin to support me while hiking? Thank you for your answer.

Andreas Schönenberger: If you rarely take this because it is good for you, it doesn't matter. My grandfather also occasionally swallowed Gly-Coramin. It shouldn't be too often, however, because, like driving a car, it makes no sense to press the accelerator and the brake at the same time.

Are large fluctuations in blood pressure values ​​a concern?

Isabella Sudano: Fluctuations in blood pressure can be normal as well as pathological. And there is also a difference in whether or not a person takes medication.

I had atrial fibrillation and had three operations until the fibrillation went away. Between the 2nd and the 3rd operation I had a "hidden" heart attack. since then I have to take the blood pressure lowering drug ramipril 2.5mg, among other things, although my blood pressure is not high and I had j

Roman Brenner: The blood pressure lowering drug ramipril also has beneficial effects on the heart muscle and is used to protect the heart muscle after heart attacks.Atrial fibrillation is triggered or promoted by high blood pressure, so consistent therapy is very important.

Grüezi: I have a question for the geriatrician: my 97-year-old mother suffers from dizziness and often falls. Your blood pressure is kept at around 140 with medication. Is it possible that the blood pressure reducer is causing dizziness and falls? Thanks!

Andreas Schönenberger: Thank you very much for your question. Yes, that is possible. The symptoms you have described are typical of a drop in blood pressure. But it can also be the opposite, namely that your mother is at 180 without medication and then falls more when getting up than with medication that keeps the pressure low before getting up. What is best now is very individual. The most important thing is a good family doctor who regularly checks your blood pressure and adjusts the medication according to the situation. It is also possible that dizziness and falls make it impossible to control high blood pressure properly. There is always a balance between benefit and risk, and the best way to help you here is to have an experienced doctor.

My blood pressure is lowered with the beta blocker metoprolol and the ACE inhibitor perindopril. This with good success. Unfortunately, there are side effects, namely sleep disorders and hair loss. Are they more likely to come from the beta blocker or the ACE inhibitor and what alternatives are there for these drugs.

Isabella Sudano: I am sure that the doctor has selected the medication that will best suit you. If you cannot tolerate the medication, it is best to discuss it with your doctor to find an alternative

I've been taking antihypertensive agents for years. The blood pressure is between 120/82 and 141/83, there are outliers downwards, e.g. 86/62; I am also prone to dizziness. Is there a lower limit? I'm 76 Kind regards

Roman Brenner: There is no lower limit value, but it makes sense that values ​​that are much too low can impair blood circulation. Where this value lies varies greatly from person to person. If there is a very annoying dizziness with the risk of fainting, a critical limit has been reached and the blood pressure medication must be adjusted.

I am an endurance athlete 59 years old with a resting heart rate of 37 and blood pressure 140/80. does the blood pressure have a connection with the pulse?

Roman Brenner: The blood pressure and the pulse are not directly related. Sport (especially endurance sport) lowers both the pulse and blood pressure and is therefore a very efficient means of promoting health.

I have been taking the high blood pressure drug Losartan-HCT-Mepha 100mg / 25mg for 1 1/2 years. Does this drug also contain the active ingredient valsartan? Can I keep taking it or is it dangerous?

Isabella Sudano: The drug you are taking contains losartan and not valsartan. If this keeps blood pressure well controlled, continue taking it.

Why is my pulse mostly between 45 and 60.

Andreas Schönenberger: If you are sporty, I am not surprised by your low pulse values. Low heart rate values ​​are often good for a long life (see turtle). If you have ever had misfires or have already collapsed, it is best to contact your family doctor so that you can do a long-term EKG. But as I said: this is usually not a problem.

My pressure varies between 60/80, 113/185, but mostly normal 80/130.

Roman Brenner: Fluctuations in blood pressure are normal and a part of life. It is important that the mean value over the whole day (and night) is below 130 / 80mmHg. This can best be verified with a 24-hour BP measurement. Excitement and exertion make the blood pressure rise and is a healthy adaptation of the body to the increased needs.

Good evening, I have been using Amlodipine Mepha 5 mg for several years. Does this drug also contain the controversial valsartan? Thank you for your answer.

Andreas Schönenberger: No, forget it and sleep well now.

I am 62 years old / 170cm / 76 kg and take Olmesartan Mepha 10 - with a pulse of 115/120 systolic and 70/75 diastolic. With light lunch and dinner I feel the lower pressure and systolic it also falls below 100. Is it time for me to reduce the amount of olmesartan. Does my medical also belong to the valsartan group as shown in the report tonight?

Isabella Sudano: The blood pressure values ​​are below olmesartan in the normal range and a reduction in blood pressure in the post-prandial phase is normal. Olmesartan belongs to the same class of drugs as valsartan (they are both angiotensin receptor blockers), the contamination was only found in single valsartan preparations

I am taking Telmisartan-HCT-Mepha 80mg / 25 mg. Can I continue to take this?

Andreas Schönenberger: I assume your question comes because you are worried about the scandal. As far as currently known, telmisartan is not affected. So yes, you can continue with that.

Good evening, I've been taking Valsartan HCT 80 / 12.5 mg from Helvepharm for a year. So, according to the list, I am affected by the contaminated drug. Now this year I had 3 episodes of capillary bleeding - at first only lightly on the surface of the hand, in spring petechiae on the lower legs, now in July again on the whole legs and feet, on the trunk and on the arms. The dermatologist said it could be medication. Blood tests and urine were normal. Do I have to clarify further? what t

Roman Brenner: I would advise you to change the medication. However, your bleeding has nothing to do with the drug potentially affected by the contamination. Petechiae can have other causes, for example from the rheumatological circle, which is why the symptoms should be investigated if they do not go away after changing the preparation.

I have the blood pressure medicine Bilol comp. 5 / 12.5. For a long time I had "heart flutter" again and again. It wasn't until I switched doctors that it was discovered that my potassium level was way too low. My potassium level is now correct with additional potassium tablets and the fluttering of the heart is gone! My question: Why are such values ​​not usually checked in the family doctor's practice?

Andreas Schönenberger: The potassium level is usually checked by the family doctor. I cannot understand why that was not the case with your former family doctor.

I have been taking the blood pressure medication Losartan-HCT-Mepha 100mg / 25mg for 1 1/2 years. is this drug as dangerous as valsartan? Can I continue to take it without hesitation or do I have to discuss this with my family doctor?

Roman Brenner: No. You can take the preparation without hesitation.

I am very active in sports ... for a few years my performance has declined and I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in the conduction test. Is there no other solution besides medication?

Roman Brenner: Occasionally, a low-salt diet leads to a reduction in blood pressure. If you are overweight, weight loss is also associated with lowering blood pressure. Nicotine and alcohol can also raise blood pressure and should be avoided. If these lifestyle measures do not lead to lowering the BP in the target area, then one will have to resort to medication.

I would like to lower slightly elevated blood pressure with herbal remedies, e.g. hawthorn. Would that be possible?

Andreas Schönenberger: As a rule, the lowering of blood pressure is not as good as with the approved drugs. In addition, it has not been proven to prevent strokes and heart attacks. In addition, it is not safe in a blood pressure lowering dose. As with all drugs, the same applies to the herbal ones: whatever works has side effects.

female, 65 years old, pravastatin 20mg against high colesterol levels. Question: what could be the cause of a big difference between diastolic and systolic: 165/55

Isabella Sudano: A high cholesterol can reduce the vascular elasticity: this increases the upper blood pressure because the lower blood pressure remains unchanged, which leads to a large difference between the upper and lower blood pressure. In order to correctly assess the upper blood pressure, the blood pressure should be measured at rest (first after sitting for 5 minutes and a second time after a further 2 minutes): the two measurements are often very different (i.e. the upper blood pressure is much higher with the first than with the second Measurement)

What is the best time of day to take blood pressure medication?

Isabella Sudano: There is no rule: The blood pressure lowering medication is normally taken in the morning, but there are medications that should be taken in the morning and evening and there are patients for whom taking before bed rest is ideal

Good evening. Lt. As a general practitioner, my blood is too thick, my father is 81 years old. has to take blood thinning, so his mother died early. I take Coversum 5mg, but according to HÄ it should be more. The very high temperatures made the blood pressure soar, a correlation, currently not <130? Go on mountain tours, where I often only need half the time and feel very comfortable, which, according to HÄ theory, would not be possible. The question earlier about magnesium for lowering was not answered.

Roman Brenner: Blood that is too thick can have several causes when you speak of a disorder of the blood coagulation system (which is quite rare, however, most patients have to take a blood thinner, for example because they have atrial fibrillation or have ever had a thrombosis). These causes should be clarified by a specialist. There is a relationship between blood pressure and temperature, but it is advisable to carry out a reliable blood pressure measurement under conditions that are also moderate in terms of temperature (i.e. not in the blazing sun). I can no longer see the question about magnesium. What I can say is that although magnesium can have a short-term BP-lowering effect due to vasodilation, this drug does not play a decisive role as a blood pressure lowering agent in long-term therapy.

I have always had very low blood pressure, which is a problem in the morning when measured 100/68, sometimes even lower with a resting heart rate of 46. It was said on the show that low blood pressure would negatively affect memory.

Andreas Schönenberger: Don't worry, most of them can be jealous of your values. People with low blood pressure like yours often notice this (e.g. tiredness, dizziness), but they live the longest of all. If you still have a low pulse, you'll live longer. The turtle with even lower pulses lives up to 180 years. Of course, this only applies if you have always had these values, they are currently not so low because of medication and you are otherwise healthy.

What is the percentage of stroke and heart attack in untreated hypertension. I am 70 old.

Roman Brenner: It's difficult to put a figure. There is a linear relationship between the risk of stroke and heart attack and blood pressure (the higher the BP, the higher the risk. It is estimated that a 20 / 10mmHg higher blood pressure roughly doubles the risk of death from cardiovascular disease

About 5 years ago I (73 years old) was diagnosed with high blood pressure, but I take the drug Vascord40 / 5 mg. I measure my blood pressure in the morning and in the evening. This is more or less within the norm with a few "outliers". My home doctor has not measured this for over 1 year and a measurement over 24 hours has never been done. My question: Should a 24h measurement be made or is this not necessary. With kind regards.

Roman Brenner: I would highly recommend it to you!

K.D. Good evening. I am taking Valsartan HCT 160/25 mg from Helvepharm. Do I have to change?

Andreas Schönenberger: Just ask your general practitioner next time you visit whether this preparation is affected. I can't exactly tell you either. Nothing bad should happen until the next visit.

Why not (also) use magnesium to lower blood pressure? Works very well.

Andreas Schönenberger: OK, very nice that it works so well for you. It is simply not a preparation with a reliable blood pressure lowering, especially if you have enough magnesium.

Female, 69 years old I have had high blood pressure since 2002. For several years I have been taking Amlodipine-mepha 10 1 per day. In the last few years I have had a number of severe attacks of dizziness and in between, even though my blood pressure is 139/90, you found a small brain attack when I was very dizzy. I take Aspirin Cardio 100. In 2013 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Must I change the drug or what advice. Thank you very much for your feedback

Roman Brenner: Unfortunately, dizziness is a non-specific symptom and not a clear side effect of amlodipine. If you have never done this before, you should carry out a long-term ECG examination and - if it does not show anything abnormal - also consider a 24-hour BP measurement in order to rule out BP values ​​that are too low. Unfortunately, dizziness can have many causes; close cooperation with your general practitioner is required.

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