What is the British pastime

The coronavirus still has a firm grip on the UK. A family has therefore come up with something ingenious to pass the time in the garden even better.

  • There are still curfews in the UK.
  • As a result, many Brits miss regular pubs.
  • A family has found an ingenious solution to the problem.

While curfews have now been lifted in many European countries, restaurants are allowed to open and holidays are possible again, strict rules still apply in Great Britain. People are only allowed to meet outdoors and at a distance of two meters, while hotels and restaurants are completely closed. What is particularly troubling for the British:Regular visits to pubs are also eliminated. The doors of the typical British pubs are expected to remain closed until July.

Pub in the garden: this is how family sweetened life in curfew

However, a family no longer needs to worry about this problem:You can't go to the pub, but now you have one in your home. To make this wish come true, they asked a woman named Amy, who runs the "Octavia Chic" page on Facebook, for help. According to the description there, she takes care of the preparation and upholstery of furniture *. Obviously, she also takes on larger assignments: Together with her husband, she judges Found a pub in the family's garden within three weeks. It is called "The Drunken Crab".

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Amy finally posted a large number of pictures of her work on her Facebook page. This shows the individual work steps from setting up the pub to setting it up *. It shows a lot Attention to detail: Based on the name of the pub, many elements from seafaring can be found in the decoration. Numerous users are also enthusiastic about what they see: "This is wonderful. It's awesome inside, like a real pub," says one person. Another writes, "Oh my god! I'm so jealous. It's by far the best garden pub I've ever been to." Overall, the post was now over Commented 60,500 times and shared over 33,000 times (As of June 22, 2020).

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