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Aramid fiber textiles

Thermal textiles made from aramid & PBO

AGK offers you technical textiles made from synthetic organic high-performance fibers. AGK can assemble a wide variety of aramid or PBO textiles for you, so that your application problems are certainly solved. We offer cords, ribbons, fabrics, yarns, felts, fleeces and specially finished textiles.

Thermal fleece made of PBO or aramid felt

Information about the qualities of ThermVlies - made of aramid fibers or PBO fibers can be found here

»» Felts: AF 475 - ZF 550 and the composite felt AF / ZF 550.

Yarn-based textiles made from aramid

In addition to felts, woven, knitted or braided textiles made from aramid play an important role. In addition to the various manufacturing processes, there are also a wide variety of yarn qualities. Aramid yarns are made from different fibers. Whether they have to be based on short or long fibers depends entirely on the application.

Textile forms

Properties aramid

Aramid fibers are one of the modern man-made fibers. They have a higher strength than glass fibers or even aluminum, especially in relation to their own weight.

  • heat resistant
  • high tensile strength
  • self-extinguishing
  • good chemical resistance, sea water resistant
  • low shrinkage
  • not brittle down to -190 ° C

The moisture absorption of 3% to 7% is to be assessed negatively. Aramid fibers are also UV-sensitive, which can lead to a slight discoloration (= darker) and a loss of strength. Aramid is flammable but self-extinguishing.

Yarn-based textiles made from PBO

In addition to aramid fibers, there is a competing fiber class, the PBO fibers. The PBO fiber is characterized by a higher temperature resistance and a tensile strength that is twice as high as that of the aramid fiber. The latter, however, decreases considerably with moisture absorption, although the fiber does not have a high water absorption.

Properties PBO

  • high heat resistance
  • very high tensile strength
  • does not burn (in standard air) because of the high LOI
  • good chemical resistance, sea water resistant
  • low shrinkage
  • very good abrasion resistance

Unfortunately, PBO has poor UV resistance.

Areas of application

  • Conveyor belt / conveyor belt
  • Roller coverings
  • Pneumatic belt for conveyor troughs
  • Roll wrapping tapes

Aramid and PBO qualities

Here in particular the distinction between qualities according to the fibers or filaments on the one hand. On the other hand, the comparison between the fibers made of aramid or PBO. The quality BQ is always a filament yarn quality, there are no fibers protruding from the product and the surface has a slight sheen, the quality SQ is always a staple fiber and rather matt.

chemistry para-aramidpara-aramidPBOPBO
yarn Filament / twistedFiber / twisted
Filament / twistedFiber / twisted
threaddtex  1,71,7
colour yellowyellowlight brownlight brown
densitykg / dm30,90,80,7-1,60,7-1,1
tensile strenghtN / mm22800
Permanent temperature° C350350450450
Limit temperature° C400400500500
Thermal conductivityW / (m K)0,04~0,04  
coefficient (fiber)
Water absorption%>2>222
Oxygen indexLOI29296868

Aramid tapes and tape made of PBO

Aramid tape is generally offered woven.

Manufacturing method woven, canvaswoven, canvaswoven, canvaswoven, canvas
Roll length *m25252525
Wide bandsmm7-1208-1008-1008-100
Strength ligaments **mm0,3-6,50,5-50,3-50,4-5

0.5 x 10mm aramid tape is only available as a knitted tape, not as a woven tape.

Aramid packings and packings made from PBO

Aramid packings are braided in a square. Therefore you will find the width and thickness with identical values ​​in the table. Often, packs are wrapped on transport rollers as protection.

Manufacturing method braidedbraidedbraidedbraided
Roll length *m25252525
width mm3 - 603 - 603 - 603 - 60
Strength mm3 - 603 - 603 - 603 - 60

Aramid cord and cords made of PBO

Aramid cords are braided round. They are used as seals or wound on transport rollers as protection.

Manufacturing method braidedbraidedbraidedbraided
Roll length *m25252525
diametermm1 - 601 - 601 - 601 - 60

Aramid hoses and hoses made of PBO

Aramid tubes are braided, knitted or woven in a round shape. They are used as cable protection or pulled onto transport rollers as protection. Braided hoses are the standard and elastic, woven hoses are very compact and inherently stable and knitted hoses are very flexible in all directions and can "store" a lot of air.

Manufacturing method woven,woven, with glass core  wovenwoven
Roll length *m252525252525
Hose inside diametermm20-6020-60----
Hose wall thicknessmm1,5-31,5-5----
Manufacturing method   knittedknittedknittedknitted
Hose inside diametermm  20-100020-100020-100020-1000
Hose wall thicknessmm  0,5-2,50,5-20,6-1,20,6-1,2
Manufacturing method   braidedbraidedbraidedbraided
Hose inside diametermm  3-1003-1003-1003-100
Hose wall thicknessmm  0,5-2,50,5-20,5-2,50,5-2

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Note: The values ​​given in the catalog tables are not binding, but typical values ​​that were determined in accordance with recognized test methods. Material and product-specific variations must be taken into account. Unless otherwise stated, the stated strength values ​​were determined at 20 ° C and are therefore only indicative for other temperatures. Since the individual conditions of use at the user are beyond our sphere of influence, no liability can be assumed for damage in connection with the use of the values ​​mentioned or the application of the products supplied.

Further qualities and technical information on request, or create a specific component request!

Information about the yarn

BQ are filament yarn qualities, they have a "hair-free" surface with a slight sheen. SQ are spun fiber / staple fiber yarns made from fibers between 60 and 140 mm in length. These fibers can peek out of the yarn and of course also out of the finished textiles. At the same time, however, these yarns are much softer and more flexible, but also not as tear-resistant. Since BQ are made of one piece, so to speak, they are not quite as flexible as the SQ qualities.

Other qualities

  • On request, we can also offer you our PAPQ, which is a textile quality made from a very short fiber (partly recycled / regenerated) with fiber lengths of approx. 20-40mm.
  • In some textiles, an aramid yarn of the PAGK quality is used. This yarn is a staple fiber yarn with a glass filament core.
  • Aramid qualities are available in yellow (standard), brown and black.


PABQ is produced on special weaving machines, with which it is possible to weave several layers, so that, for example, thicker aramid tapes with thin yarns can be produced. Otherwise, the tape thickness can only be influenced using "coarse" yarn.

[more information ...] Further information: In contrast to glass fiber textiles and silicate fiber textiles, technical textiles made of aramid or PBO are of an organic nature. Nevertheless, they are not flammable but carbonize if the limit temperature is exceeded. The special fibers aramid and PBO are characterized by an enormous tensile strength compared to the inorganic insulating fibers. Aramid fibers are divided into three sub-types. The most common is para-aramid. There are also meta-aramid and para-aramid copolymers. In most cases, these different types were developed or further developed by different companies and sold under special brand names.

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