Can Hulk survive in space

Bruce Banner

Real nameRobert Bruce Banner
place of birthUnited States
size1.80 meters (Bruce Banner)

2.40 meters (Hulk)

First appearanceHulk # 1
GroupingsAvengers, Defenders, Fantastic Four
inventorJack Kirby, Stan Lee

Bruce Banner, better known as Hulk, is a superhero. His first comic series ended early due to poor sales, but he eventually became a well-known figure and later joined the Avengers.

Personality & Skills Edit source]

Bruce Banner has infinite strength and, like superhero colleagues Wolverine and Deadpool, has self-healing powers. He is almost unbeatable and is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe.

However, his abilities are defined by the strength of his anger, so he is not always equally strong. Hulk is immune to any type of disease, physical force, or explosion. He is also incredibly fast and can jump very far. It ages very slowly and is theoretically immortal. In addition, it is possible for him to endure without air for a long time, which is why he can survive in space. He can also breathe underwater.

Banner himself is an incredibly intelligent nuclear physicist, but suffered repeated physical abuse from his father in his childhood, which severely traumatized him. He is fluent in Russian. Gamma and various gases can temporarily turn off the Hulk.

Fictional biography Edit source]

Bruce Banner was working on an experiment with gamma rays when young Rick Jones suddenly strolled onto the test site. Banner was shocked and ran straight to him so that nothing would happen to Jones. Although he was able to save Jones, he was eventually caught by the gamma rays and was helplessly exposed to them. When Bruce woke up again he was already in the Hulk form and when one of the soldiers noticed him, he just called him "Hulk", which means "clump".

A short time later, Banner was stripped of its Hulk form. However, he decided to keep her after all, this time with the intelligence of Banner and not the unpredictability of the Hulk. So he was able to control his Hulk form for the first time.

Hulk later also became a founding member of the Avengers.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Hulk initially had gray skin, but this was later changed to green.

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