Who is the father of the pharmacy

DNA paternity test
safe and reliable from your duck catching pharmacy in Karlsruhe

The DNA Paternity Test Procedure

You make an appointment with us that will take around 30 minutes. According to the law, the sampling must be carried out under the supervision of a knowledgeable witness. As a pharmacy you trust, we act as expert witnesses when taking samples of the oral mucosa.

As a witness, we do not find out about the test result; this will only be communicated to you by post. In addition, we will give you a test card with a password. You can use this card to call up the processing status and the test result online live.

Even if the test is only used for private purposes, the law insists on strict adherence to this procedure. Secret paternity tests are not allowed and are considered an administrative offense.

If minors are to be tested, their legal representatives must be on site and give their written consent to the test. Samples for father and mother / child can also be taken at individual appointments.

After five working days you will receive your test result by name from the German specialist laboratory Genolytik GmbH in Leipzig.

Contact us. We'd be happy to advise you. More and more fathers swear by a paternity test. For absolute security. For absolute certainty.

Cost of the paternity test

Father + child for 190 € (160 € test kit + 30 € documentation costs)

We take care of the entire financial transaction. You pay us for the test in full, we handle the costs for the laboratory for you.

Checklist for the DNA paternity test

You can download a checklist for the paternity test here (free Adobe Reader required).