What kinds of advertisements don't bother you

"Advertising doesn't bother my viewers"

Cornelia Holsten, Chair of the Bremen State Media Authority, as well as NRW man Schmid then made it clear: It was only about the non-transparent placement in a cloud of other hashtags. Basically, the court had nothing against the marking with "ad".

But to be on the safe side, Holsten advised the artists to clearly mark every posting as "advertising" in case of doubt, because: "You can't mark too much. Just too little." Advice from the influencer Diana to the lion unsatisfied: "My viewers want to know whether I have received money for a post," explained zur Löwen. "If I write advertisements everywhere, even if no money has flowed, it doesn't help them either."

This practice would also lead to at least curious cases on the brand side, said Dennis Kubon from the brand management of Deutsche Telekom. In the meantime, some creators name Telekom as a partner, even if there was no sponsorship at all; probably also to increase their own market value.

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