The personal training industry is saturated

Opportunities and risks of influencer marketing in the fitness industry. The relationship between the company, influencer and customers

Bachelor thesis from 2017 in the Department of Media / Communication - Multimedia, Internet, New Technologies, Grade: 1.3, Hochschule Fresenius Munich, Language: German, Abstract: Due to a completely saturated market situation and the associated interchangeability of many companies, the brand positioning is has become one of the most important basic elements in the field of marketing. Customer satisfaction and the image of a brand are becoming increasingly important success factors when it comes to asserting oneself against the competition in the market. But what should be done if the well-known marketing measures no longer achieve the desired effects, if customers mistrust corporate communications or if they generally dislike them? The following technical work deals with this topic. In this context, she goes into the use of influencer marketing and explains how this marketing tool can be used efficiently by companies. In order to get a practical point of reference for this complex phenomenon, the use of influencer marketing is also being transferred to the field of the fitness industry. It is particularly interesting to find out whether and to what extent consumers allow themselves to be influenced by opinion leaders and which modes of action actually predominate in the relationship between companies, influencers and customers. The work approaches the present topic through a well-founded reproduction of scientific literature, the use of specialist articles and the implementation of a survey.

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