How much money does Disneyland earn

There is a garage next to Disneyland amusement park, which symbolizes everything that annoys the residents of Anaheim in Southern California about Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The city built it for $ 108.2 million 20 years ago - a very sensible investment when you consider that it generates more than $ 35 million a year, even at half capacity. However: This income does not flow into the clammy city sack, but into the already bursting money storage of the Disney group. He pays rent to Anaheim - a dollar a year.

The relationship between a city and a corporation is, at best, a symbiosis: the company creates jobs and generates tax revenue, in return it receives help with expansion or tax breaks. In Anaheim they now believe that they have more of a parasite in the city: Disney made $ 14.55 billion in the last quarter and has just announced the $ 71.3 billion purchase of the fillet pieces from the media group 21st Century Fox, which Approval of the respective shareholders on this Friday required. CEO Bob Iger earned $ 36.3 million last year. This company now actually wants to argue about a possible increase in the minimum wage in Anaheim.

It's always a little tricky to compare apples to oranges. However, many employees refer to the billions and compare them with their salaries. Now, after months of negotiations, the company has agreed with four unions on a new collective agreement for almost a third of the 30,000 employees. Details are not known, from a union environment it is said that the employees should receive at least 14 dollars an hour. The legal minimum wage in the state of California is eleven dollars.

That sounds okay, but it doesn't seem to do justice to the realities of Orange County. In a study by Occidental College, more than 5,000 Disneyland employees were asked about their life situation, the answers were shocking: 73 percent of all employees who earn less than $ 15 an hour cannot make a living, eleven percent were in the twelve Months before that he was homeless at least once. Disney dismissed the study as union propaganda and the excitement was immense. The supposedly happiest place in the world suddenly looked like something out of a Charles Dickens novel.

There's a bill in Anaheim that food establishments that receive city tax breaks must pay their employees at least $ 15 an hour from January 1, 2019 - and that minimum wage will be increased by $ 1 an hour each year through 2022 and thereafter adjusted to the cost of living in the city. On November 9th, residents will vote on what Disney and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce have named a "job killer" in joint Internet advertisements.

The city has built a garage for 108 million dollars that will soon belong to the company

The Anaheim City Council approved Disney tax breaks of $ 267 million two years ago so that the company can build a luxury hotel next to the amusement park - now there is a new apple-pear comparison: If the wages of 30,000 employees in the next four years would increase at a rate of $ 1 an hour at a time, it would cost Disney a total of $ 580 million, more than double the tax break. "You will spend a lot of money fighting this law," says Denise Anderson of the Seiu-United Service Workers West: "You can do it because you have a lot of money." Disney also got that money from clever deals with Anaheim City, and that leads back to the garage next to Disneyland. When all debts are paid off, it is agreed that this garage will become Disney property.