What does veritas aequitas mean

What does veritas et aequitas mean? - Translation, meaning & interpretation

As the name Veritas et equitas already suggests, this name is a Latin expression which translates as truth and equality. It never hurts to know such terms. Because often it happens in life that such a thing is asked. Be it at the quiz or in a museum. Such expressions can also make it clear where someone comes from or from which society. If you want to apply something, you will certainly make yourself special with such technical terms. And so it is easier to get through life when certain technical terms are known or can be explained.

In particular, however, the term can be attributed to Roman mythology. This is the personified figure of truth, which is usually represented in the form of a woman. That is also the reason why a female figure is often used in courts to make the truth clear in court. In general, the goddess of truth also stands for virtue and justice. The goddess goes by the name Aletheia. But it is above all the European-Latin culture that has been strongly influenced by such influences. And even if the color white is more likely to be attributed to innocence, in other cultures it can stand for mourning.

Incidentally, the Romans also used the word aequitas for compensatory justice. And so, above all, the goddess of truth played an important role in Rome. It was so important that it was also immortalized on Roman coins. This was only true while the emperor was ruling Rome. But scales, swords and blindfolds also stood for justice in ancient Rome. In Western culture, the deity Justitia is associated with it.