Professional web designers use Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver CC - online course
with certificate

Dreamweaver is the program for developing professional websites and high-performance Internet applications. In our online course you will learn how to work effectively and professionally with Dreamweaver. You will receive instructions for creating a complete website with several sub-pages, a navigation bar and a contact form.

You learn

  • the use of the tools that Dreamweaver offers for creating and managing websites.
  • how to build your own website with Dreamweaver.
  • how to insert and edit graphics, objects and hyperlinks,
  • create professional pages with forms and CSS,
  • the theoretical and practical knowledge to work effectively with Dreamweaver.


Access to the Internet and installation of Dreamweaver CC (Adobe has a full, free 30-day version for download. Alternatively, you can lease the program on a monthly basis)
You can choose which version you want to work with in the course room.

Course duration and start:

You can start at any time, you determine the beginning of the course yourself. You can divide your learning times freely and you need about 40 hours to work on the course. You have three months to do this. An extension of one month is possible without additional costs.

The content

  1. Dreamweaver basic operations: Start Dreamweaver and get to know the working environment, menu bars, toolbars and control panel groups, exercise on basic operation
  2. Important preferences in Dreamweaver: Change preferences in Dreamweaver, set HTML as the default file format, add and remove browsers, set resolution
  3. First Pages with Dreamweaver: Uploading a website Planning a website, setting up a local site in Dreamweaver, creating remote folders, publishing - uploading files to the server via FTP
  4. Text entry and editing: Create, save and rename HTML pages, text input and formatting, create and edit lists, paragraphs and horizontal lines
  5. Arrange objects:
    levels: Layout in Dreamweaver, arrange with layout boxes, insert AP-DIVs
  6. Integrate and edit graphics: File formats for images on the Internet, inserting and editing images, images as hyperlinks, roll-over images
  7. Hyperlinks and Navigation: Hyperlinks, Internal links to anchors, Internal references to site files, Relative paths, Creating external links, E-mail links, Navigation with JQuery, CSS navigation
  8. Communication with forms: Possible uses of forms, inserting and editing forms, selection decisions in the form
  9. Style sheets (CSS): Create style sheets, define, assign and change new styles, CSS layouts
  10. Responsive web designWhat is responsive web design? Create Responsive Style Sheets, Breaks and Breakthroughs - Break Points Boostraps
  11. Working with templates: What are templates? Structure of template files, create a template, define editable attributes, use templates, apply editable attributes, reassign templates
  12. Extending Dreamweaver with JavaScript Integrate Java script, insert behavior, check forms, apply effects with behavior, fade in / fade out effects
  13. Code & Co. Dreamweaver CC as editor, correct incorrect code, use code fragments

target group

Webmasters who are looking to get started with a professional website creation program. Graphic artists who want to switch from the classic DTP area to the new media.

Funding opportunities:

  • Education voucher from the Employment Agency / Job Center (AZAV)
  • Federal education bonus, federal state education check, BFD of the Federal Armed Forces
  • Discounts for schoolchildren, trainees, students, those with severe disabilities and for self-payers
  • ask us, we almost always find a way

Adobe Dreamweaver CC
online course with certificate:

  • You can print out the course material completely; the printed course has a length of 200 pages.
  • with video instructions as well as supervised, practical tasks and exercises
  • You create a complete website with Dreamweaver during the course.
  • You will acquire extensive specialist knowledge in a short period of time.
  • 24h hotline, you will receive an answer to your questions from our experts within 24 hours.
  • This course is state-tested and approved, you will receive a meaningful certificate.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

3 installments of € 132.67 each or
(One-time course price) € 398.00