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Nave Cavour's Ready for Operations Campaign: Heading to the United States

Left ship yesterday Cavour to Norfolk in the United States for the said campaignReady for use. The flagship unit of the Navy, commanded by the captain of the ship Giancarlo Ciappina and with a crew of around 600 men on board, between officers, non-commissioned officers, graduates and volunteers in prefabricated companies, men and women from all over Italy. gave up their berths in Taranto on January 28 to conduct training activities in the Ionian Sea.

Today he received the greeting of the Minister of Defense, Hon. Lorenzo Guerini, accompanied by the Chief of Staff of Defense, Gen. Enzo Vecciarelli, Chief of Staff of the Navy, Adm. Giuseppe Cavo Dragone and the Commander in Chief of the Naval Team, Adm. Paolo Treu.

It will now travel to the Strait of Gibraltar and then to the US Naval Base in Virginia on the Atlantic coast, where it will be certified for use with F-35B.

This is a key event for the present and future of the armed forces, as stated by the Adm. Cavo Dragone in his guidelines for 2021: "A strategic undertaking for the country, which will lead the ship to certify the ship's new F35-B service in the first half of the year, in accordance with the guidance of the Secretary of Defense, aims to achieve the carrier's initial operational capacity with aircraft by 2024 . Generation up to 5 ', to which the more specific amalgamation with the entire naval force must be added ".

An event to which Nave Cavour has been preparing for the modernization and adaptation work, which lasted until May 2020 and for the important and complex generational leap that the F-35B requires and for which The Navy is making efforts, for two years from entering the dock in Taranto in 2019 according to the instructions of the Defense Minister to ensure the operation of the maritime instrument in full cooperation "with the aircraft carrier groups of the US Navy and the British and French navies" affirmed Admiral Cavo Dragone. It also emphasizes how "these obligations with a very high technical and operational content" are "Fundamental for strengthening the special expedition potential made possible by the entire national military instrument".

The "Ready For Operations (RFO)", as the Nave campaign was called in the USA CavourWith the delivery of the first JSF aircraft in the variant Short Take Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL) F-35B, which will gradually replace the AV-8B Plus, to the Navy, ensure that the capacity of the aircraft carrier is gradually renewed. Pride of the Navy, Defense, and Country. This is a mandatory change after thirty years of service on an extraordinary aircraft like the AV-8B, but gradually becoming inadequate for the most modern and challenging mission scenarios that are more advanced and at greater risk for the safety of our pilots as well as the To defend naval forces or for amphibious / land troops.

The new F-35B aircraft, state of the art in the aviation and aerospace panorama of the most modern armed forces, will project the Navy into the group of a few equipped with 5th generation carrying capacity (currently along with those of USA and Great Britain and Japan in the future. This privilege will allow a technological advantage and the capability of absolute pre-eminence. In fact, compared to their predecessors, the 5th generation aircraft are built with very low observability characteristics (stealth), which is both a distinct advantage The JSF also provides a critical simplification of the aircraft's behavior which, combined with a very advanced suite of sensors and communications, allows the pilot to focus primarily on achieving the mission objectives.

Renewing the capacity of the aircraft carrier for a country with a strong maritime connotation like Italy will make it possible to maximize the ability to protect the vital maritime interests of the country with greater versatility, effectiveness and also at considerable distances from the motherland or wherever national and international Interests are at risk.

During the RFO campaign on the US coasts, the crews and teams of testers and engineers of the Integrated Test Force (ITF) of the multinational JSF program will test the compatibility and integration of the new aircraft on board the aircraft carrier using all the subsystems and sensors of the Unit updated for this purpose during the above pre-campaign work and the review of all weather and environmental conditions that will allow each type of mission assigned to the aircraft to fully utilize its capabilities in safety.

Preparing for departure to the United States in addition to the usual activities (such as training, replenishment of stocks, boarding materials and spares) due to the Covid-19 pandemic required that all necessary precautions be taken, as well as specific protocols that deployed by the Navy to protect the safety of personnel on board units of the Navy team.