What is the best time to visit Amritsar

Amritsar (India)

India has a large number of temples and religious buildings and Amritsar is home to one of the most magnificent: Harmandir Sahib, better known as the Gold Temple. It is easy to recognize because of its bright white buildings and the golden dome. The gold temple of Amritsar is absolutely worth seeing.

Admire the Sikhs during their ablutions. Stroll around the sacred pool with benevolent pilgrims. Admire the sacred book of the Sikhs, protected by the golden dome. Be enchanted by the colorful saris that contrast with the white marble of the building. Have a meal in the temple, sitting on the floor, with Sikhs who have come from all over the country.

A stay in Amritsar would not be complete without a detour via Wagah Border, the border with Pakistan! The border closing ceremony takes place every evening and is an amazing spectacle, a mix of comedy and military tradition. One thing is certain: I have very fond memories of this stay on my trip to India!

The Penjab impressed me with the warmth of the residents and their smiles ... and their gastronomy! During my stay in Amritsar, I was seduced by delicious sweet and sour mixtures, but also by the famous tandoori chicken, accompanied by a kulcha bread. The city's numerous street stalls and restaurants will delight the finest palates!