Do people really have super powers

Great superpowers

If you could choose your superpowers, which ones would they be? Here are some of the coolest answers you've sent us. If you all get together, you can use your superpowers to save the world!

I would like to be able to detect diseases in order to help people so that they can live longer :-)

I would like a poison destruction laser beam. With which I can destroy everything that is poisonous that we humans produce.

I would like to be able to summon lightning and thunder as a superpower, because then it would also rain. So I could use dry areas such as to make Africa fertile again and people would have enough to eat and nobody would need to go hungry.

I would like to be able to do witches.
I could witch all children in the world are doing well and nothing is missing. And for me a little more vacation.

I would like to have two superpowers: On the one hand, I would like to be able to fly like Superman, then I can go anywhere! On the other hand, I want to speak all the languages ​​in the world: Then I could talk to all the children and play with them.

I want strength enough so that I can just pick up my schoolmates when they are naughty to me.

As a superpower, I wish to be invisible. Then I could work as a multiple spy worldwide and maybe prevent further wars.

I would like to have superpowers as a superpower, then I would be totally strong and could, for example, help if a tree fell somewhere and pick it up without the fire brigade having to come.

Flying - with it I could travel the world for free and would always be on time.