How much does a phase shifting transformer cost

Berlin (energate) - The transmission network operator 50 Hertz has put two new phase-shifting transformers into operation in the Röhrsdorf substation in Saxony. The aim is to improve the cross-border electricity flows between Germany and the Czech Republic and to avoid unwanted circular flows in the region. The two new systems are controlled by 50 Hertz together with the Czech network operator CEPS. A company spokesman for 50 Hertz explained that the deployment will be coordinated bilaterally for the next day. Automated procedures are still being worked on.

The Czech network operator had already put four phase-shifting transformers into operation in the Czech substation in Hradec at the beginning of 2017 (energate reported). Thus, six systems can now be used for the line from Saxony to Hradec. In addition, a phase shifter in Poland near Hagenwerder is also taken into account in the deployment planning. These network systems could only be operated optimally if they were coordinated, explained 50 Hertz. How much performance the cross-border trade increases as a result cannot be put into concrete terms. The phase shifters installed in 2017 increased the commercially used export capacity on the German-Czech border by an average of several hundred MW in the previous year. At the German-Polish border it was about 100 MW more, the spokesman explained.

Costs are recognized

The expansion at the Röhrsdorf substation will cost around 100 million euros. The investment will be taken into account in the regulation, according to the spokesman, and distributed over the period of use via depreciation. Siemens and ABB delivered the two phase shifters on time. The four systems from the Italian manufacturer Tamini for the Czech substation, however, arrived late in early 2017. 50 Herz will continue to build at the Röhrsdorf substation for two more years. The two phase shifters can be used on the line to the Czech Republic. But the lines to Dresden, Streumen and Remptendorf should also be able to be switched on. / mt