How do I install a brave browser


Brave is a relatively new web browser announced by Mozilla in 2016. The main idea of ​​this project is to make surfing the internet safer. It is based on the similarity of the well-known Adblock extension. In Brave, however, ads are blocked without any additions. Let's talk about the Brave browser: install, set up for Windows, and uninstall.

Work with the Brave browser.

Description and functionality

The main function of this web browser is to block ads on the websites you are viewing. At the same time, as the developers assure, the page loading speed increases significantly. In addition, the comb of this project offers a higher level of security thanks to the HTTPS Everywhere module. There are pitfalls here, however: instead of running ads from overseas advertisers, Brave shows its own. They're less intrusive and distracting, but they are anyway. In the program settings, you can choose what to do with advertising: block, change or display. There are also security settings.

Pros and cons of the program

Increased privacy and data protectionRegular video playback issues
Integrated ad blockingUse the Chrome engine in the program
Increase the page loading speed
Divide a large number of open tabs into groups for more convenient switching between them

How to install

To install Brave, you need to go to the official developer website. On this page you can select the program version required for the installation. Select a location to download the installation file in Explorer. Click the Save button. Open the installed file. Next, the installation process begins, after which the browser will start automatically.

Browser setup

After the installation, you should configure the program so that it works without any problems. Immediately I want to say that Brave is using the Chrome engine. The developers made this decision because of the increased security and stability of the system. The application is initially in English. If necessary, it can be changed to Russian.

  1. Click on the three bars in the top right corner of the screen and select Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced.
  3. If you scroll directly below it, you will see the Languages ​​section. Open the first Language tab. Click Add Languages. Find Russian (Russian) and click Add.
  4. Click the three dots next to Russian to have the program fully translated into Russian. In the list that opens, check the "Show Brave" option in that language.
  5. On the Spell Checker tab, move the Russian language to the active position. Then click Restart at the top to restart the application and save the new parameters.

Brave's default search engine is Google Chrome. If desired, it can be changed under Settings - Search engine.

The browser interface is inconspicuous: the tab bar is at the top, and below it is the address bar with a remarkable backlight. You can add a site to bookmarks using the button to the left of the address bar. You can view the list of all bookmarks by clicking the three bars on the right and selecting the Bookmarks item. Brave has a practical function. If you have a lot of tabs open and their names are difficult to read, right-clicking the tab you want and selecting the Pin Tab option can save a significant amount of space in the tab bar and easily move between tabs switch. You can do a more complete program setup. To do this, change the desired functions in the Settings area.

How to remove Brave Browser

Before deleting Brave, you should clear all tabs and then go to Control Panel. To do this, press the key combination Win + R and enter command control. Next, go to the Programs and Features section. In the new list, find Brave, left click on it once. The Delete button appeared at the top and should be clicked. Confirm the process. As you can see, nothing is difficult to remove.

So we met with a relatively new browser, Brave. It has a number of interesting features, so it will appeal to many. If you have any questions about working with this utility, ask them in the comments. Answers will be given as soon as possible.