How do I unlock my Snapchat account

Delete Snapchat account - that's how it works

So while it is possible at the factory to back up your Snaps before deleting your Snapchat account, There is no such function for third-party snaps. This is due to the inherent impermanence principle of the app. Remedy can dedicated third party apps that can be found in abundance in the App Store and Google Play. However, since a major data leak in October 2014, Snapchat has been trying to get applications like "Snap hack“To be removed from store offers at regular intervals. Basically, the following applies: Use at your own risk. Most third-party apps quickly turn out to be fraudulent and, in the worst case, risk that your Snapchat account will be blocked by using them.

Of course, you can also use the short period of time before a picture disappears to cumbersome Screenshot of it to create. However, this has the disadvantage that your contact will be informed of this by means of a notification. By using a common Recorder app (for example the Apowersoft screen recorder on Android), it is possible for you to secretly record videos from your smartphone screen. Since processed data is also temporarily stored in Cache Your smartphone is saved, it is even possible with certain apps and programs to restore deleted pictures and videos.