WhatsApp calls are charged

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In addition to sending text and voice messages, you can also make phone calls with the popular WhatsApp messaging service. Even if you do not have a telephone network at the moment or want to save your mobile data, you can make free WhatsApp calls over the WLAN.

Note: Emergency numbers, such as 112, can be used with WhatsApp Not to be called.

Telephone calls via WhatsApp - what does that mean for your data volume?

If you are on a WiFi network, there are no costs for phone calls via WhatsApp. However, if you are only connected to the Internet via your mobile data, the calls will cost you data volume. According to the consumer advice center, you use approx. 0.7 MB per minute for a voice call. Depending on how high your data volume is, you should think about whether a phone call is really necessary when you are out and about.

Make calls with WhatsApp - this is how it works

Start a group call

You can call up to four people at the same time via WhatsApp. There are different ways to start a group call:

Start a group call from within the group

These step-by-step instructions work for Android and iPhone.

Group call in the "Calls" tab

accept a call

Similar to the integrated phone app of your mobile phone, you can use the green handset accept or via the red handset reject. Wipe that Speech bubble icon upstairs to give the caller a Rejection message to leave behind.


On the iPhone, either tap "Accept"or"decline". To leave the caller a rejection message, you have to click here"message"type.

Switch from voice to video call

If you want to switch to the video call during a call, simply tap on the bottom center Camera icon. The person you are talking to will then be asked whether he or she would like to switch to the video call. You can also start a video call directly in WhatsApp.