What's wrong with being a snowflake

The dream of the little snowflake

the little snowflake was already waiting to finally be allowed to snow. "When can I finally visit Earth?" She asked the cloud.

"It's no time for snow," she said calmly. "It's way too warm down on earth." "Wrong," called the little snowflake. "The children are waiting for it. They even sing snow songs. Can you hear it?"

"Songs don't make the air colder either," said the snow cloud. "And now don't bother me any longer. I have to rest before the strenuous winter time."

"But it IS winter time", the little snowflake tried again. "If we wait a long time, winter will be over." But the snow cloud was no longer listening to her.

"Then I'll visit the earth on my own," said the little snowflake defiantly, hopping from the cloud and floating towards the earth. "Juchhu! It's nice to be a snowflake," she cheered and happily danced with the wind in competition.

The wind carried the cheeky little snowflake to a hazel bush, where it landed in the middle of a fragrant yellow hazel blossom. "What are you doing here?" Asked the hazel blossom. "I guess you got lost in time."

"Wrong," replied the little snowflake. "It's winter and winter is the time of snow." She eyed the hazel blossom suspiciously. "Why have you already opened your blossoms? Do you want to tinker with us snowflakes?"

"We hazel blossoms always bloom early in the year - and this year we opened our buds a little earlier. Because it is warm enough for us."

She laughed. "You snowflakes slept through the winter and the snow?"

"No. That's not true," called the little snowflake. She grew warm with indignation. She was sweating and sweating, and - ssst - she had become a small drop of water. It dripped down from the hazel blossom into a puddle. "You are mean," she called to the hazel blossoms. "But I'll be back. Then you will lose your laughter."

She clambered upward on a ray of sunshine and wandered back to the snow cloud with many other drops of water.

There she lay down exhausted and dreamed of a winter's day when she sat down with other snowflakes on the hazel blossom and covered its yellow color with a brilliant white snowflake.

Well, sometimes dreams can come true. Who knows?

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