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How scenic is "often"?


The adverb “often” is often chalked up on the grounds that it is an inadmissible increase in “often”. So far so good. In “Joseph and His Brothers” Thomas Mann only uses “often”, never “more often”. [...] In contrast to the Duden, the DWDS does not say that “often” is colloquial or scenic. How do I keep the whole thing now? Is "often" an illogical increase and speaks against the logic of the writer? (Though this is perhaps very doubtful with T. Mann.)


Dear Mr. K.,

the word more often is a know-it-all word, that is, a word that know-it-alls like to mark others in red again and again. "The word more often does not exist / is wrong / should not be used ”, it is said. With the meaning Often, several times, now and then but it is quite common, also in literature, as you yourself have noticed. In the DWDS and in the German dictionary from Wahrig there is no information that it is scenic. It also appears in the Grimm dictionary, even with an explanation of how it came about.

So why shouldn't you use it anyway? The people, whom I rather strictly refer to as know-it-alls, refer to the Duden. For some reason the Duden editorial team decided more often to be awarded the title "scenic". This automatically means that there are people who claim that the word is wrong more often to use. In the dictionary "Correct and good German", however, there are already nuances:

Of the two adverb forms, today becomes more often prefers. Form more often often occurs in everyday language; it is common practice in Austria.
© Duden - Correct and good German, 7th edition Mannheim 2011 [CD-ROM]

The word more often is not qualified here as scenic, but as colloquial. Why this is so and why the shape more often should be preferred today, I don't know. I have the impression that the shape more often encountered quite often, also in texts that can be classified as standard language and certainly not only in Austria.

A completely unfounded assumption, based on no research whatsoever, tells me that today's preference for more often (if they exist) can mainly be attributed to the fact that the Duden dictionaries say more often be scenic. The negative comments about more oftenThat I have read on the Internet almost invariably rely on the information from Duden. Is more often actually landscape / colloquial or was it made by Duden? I suspect the latter.

The word more often is no longer an actual comparative (more often than is actually not recommended), but an adverb with a meaning of its own. So the basic question is not whether more often right or wrong, but whether you can use this variant of the adverb more often can also use standard language. Duden says "rather not", DWDS does not specify any restrictions on use. Also in my opinion you can more often can be used without any problems, not only in Austria. As is so often the case with such questions, however, one should not be surprised if someone is often asked about the use of more often is corrected. So cautious people may actually just use it better today more often.

With best regards

Dr. Bopp

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