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Hardly any other food represents pure enjoyment as much as sweets. Not absolutely necessary from a nutritional point of view, but we don't want to miss them. Sweets, chocolate, pralines, fruit gums, liquorice and cookies are balm for the soul in stressful times. As a delicious snack against hunger pangs, sweets are unbeatable. And the evening glass of wine is really rounded off with a fine praline. The best thing to do is to make it yourself - our cat's tongue chocolates, for example, are ready in just twenty minutes and are an irresistible chocolate treat! Our EDEKA experts will tell you how to snack without regrets. more

Sweet temptation: gummy bears, chocolate & Co.

The medieval doctor Paracelsus already knew that "the dose makes the poison". This also applies to the sweets, too much of which is clearly unhealthy. Occasionally snacking on a piece of candy, a piece of chocolate, a handful of gummy bears or a chocolate bar is safe for healthy people. After all, sweets are a bit of a cultural asset: What would Christmas be without gingerbread, marzipan and cookies or the coffee party without cake? Baking beautifies the Advent season as a ritual and helps us to relax after a strenuous day at work. And the evening glass of wine is really refined with a fine praline. The selection is huge and ranges from exotic sweets from all over the world to the classics that almost every child in Germany knows.

Even if you are diabetic, have a histamine intolerance or follow a vegan diet, you do not have to go completely without sweets. Sweets with stevia, for example, do not increase blood sugar levels and are therefore suitable for diabetics. If you cannot tolerate histamine, you can use non-alcoholic marzipan, rice milk chocolate or bars with pseudo-grains. And there are also numerous products on the market for vegans that, thanks to various substitutes, do not contain any animal ingredients. Examples of vegan sweets are ice cream with soy milk and fruit gums without gelatin.

Sweets for the calorie and health conscious

If you pay attention to your figure or want to snack as healthily as possible, sweets with sugar substitutes are recommended. You can save some calories with honey, maple syrup, agave syrup or stevia. For more information, see the recipes with sugar alternatives. If you make sweets yourself, you can specifically reduce the empty calories from sugar in almost every recipe by substituting some of the sugar substitutes.

You should also enjoy sweets as consciously as possible and not on the side in a hurry. Maintain the recommended daily amount of around 50 grams of sugar - this corresponds to just under a bar of milk chocolate or 100 grams of gummy bears. But be careful: Sugar is also found in many beverages and finished products. These are also to be taken into account in the daily balance. Fat-free popcorn, Russian bread, liquorice and shortbread cookies contain comparatively few calories. If you get cravings for sweets, fruits, nuts and dried fruits are also a healthy alternative.

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