Who would rule El Clasico today?

Catalonia is again overshadowed by violent protests and unrest. The images from Barcelona are particularly shocking: there are masses of rallies and demonstrations, people are on strike, take to the streets, block them and local and long-distance public transport. Protests turn into violence, activists partly devastate the city and fight street battles with the police. A city in a state of emergency.

And in the midst of this scenario, the biggest game in Spain, maybe even in the world, is on: El Clásico. On October 26th, just in Barcelona, ​​at Camp Nou. On the day that further large-scale demonstrations are planned in the city due to the conviction of representatives of the Catalan separatists.

And there is not just any football game, but the most special: The two hostile arch-rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid meet, a sporting highlight, but also a politically charged game; a game that goes far beyond its sporting importance. Here the "unarmed army of Catalonia", as the writer Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Barça once called it, there the Royal Real, symbol of centralized Spain.

Is it possible to officially announce the postponement of the game to December in these politically troubled times in riding day noon, of all things. An exact date has not yet been setThe two clubs have to agree on this by next Monday, October 21st. Otherwise, the RFEF will set the new game date. December 7th and December 18th are in the room - what a Wednesday would be. League boss Javier Tebas has already spoken out against this date, as Copa del Rey games will take place on the day. And since, Tebas will not admit publicly, a Clásico on a working day is less attractive for viewers and TV stations, so there will be losses in audience ratings and marketing.

Barça want to host Clásico on December 18th

FC Barcelona responded to the postponement with a statement: "The club's wish was to host the Clásico on October 26th at Camp Nou. The club has great confidence in the civic and Pacific attitude of its members and fans who are in the camp Nou always behaved in an exemplary manner The association regrets the inconvenience this postponement may cause for members, members of the fan clubs and fans (...). The association will propose December 18 [as the new date]."

Real Madrid also announced in a communiqué that the club agreed with December 18 as the new date. The confirmation of the league and the association is still pending.

"Every win against Real Madrid is symbolic," said Gerard Piqué, who has been Barcelona's most colorful representative for years. A win against Madrid on October 26 would have been the most symbolic one in a long time. But it will not come to that. At least not on that date.

❗️Official: The Spanish federation announces that the Clasico will be postponed to December. Now Barcelona and Real Madrid have to agree on a date for the event by Monday, otherwise the association will fix it. https://t.co/cj1w1YrFa6

- Barçawelt (@Barcawelt) October 18, 2019


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