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Chocolate ice cream in the test: worth a sin

7 out of 20 brands of chocolate ice cream in household packs received the quality rating “good”, two of them even achieved a “very good” in the sensory assessment. The test winner is Häagen Dasz Classics Belgian Chocolate, the most expensive product in the test with a price of 11.10 euros per liter. The cheapest “good” chocolate ice cream comes from the discounter and costs only 1.49 euros per liter. The chocolate ice cream test is published in the May issue of test magazine.

In addition to the “good” products, the testers also found less convincing. 10 of the 20 ice cream brands tested only scored “satisfactory”, two others “sufficient” because they did not convince in terms of taste or because they said “with chocolate” on the packaging, but it did not contain any.

The Grandessa ice cream chocolate from Aldi Süd did not receive a quality rating because the testers could not understand how and from what the declared "natural chocolate aroma with other natural aromas" was made. This cannot be proven in the laboratory and Aldi Süd provided contradicting information on request. For a strong chocolate taste, chocolate aroma is not necessary anyway.

The testers did not find any critical germ levels in the ice cream products. The levels of pollutants such as cadmium from cocoa or mineral oils were also inconspicuous. There are big differences when it comes to calories. While the organic chocolate ice cream from Roggenkamps Organics has 336 kilocalories for 100 grams, Botterbloom chocolate ice cream has only 179 kilocalories.

The detailed test chocolate ice cream appears in the May issue of test magazine (from April 24, 2015 at the kiosk) and is already available at www.test.de/schokoladeneis.

Source: Stiftung Warentest




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