How do you make the unbearable bearable

Tips against unbearable heat in offices

There are a few things that can be done about the unbearable heat in an office. People with an office job know the problem in summer: the heat builds up extremely in the upper rooms in particular and the warmer it is outside, the warmer it gets inside. But you don't have to endure that all day, because with a few little tricks, working in office spaces in summer becomes bearable.

This is how you can counter it

For most people, summer is actually a nice time of year. You can spend the days at the bathing lakes or visit the nearby outdoor pool. But especially when you have to work full-time and in a closed room, that can become a burden.

In closed rooms, the heat builds up a lot faster and if you share the office space with several employees, the air is quickly used up.

But there are a few great tips on how to make the air more bearable in closed rooms. The most important point would be ventilation. Especially those who get to the office early in the morning benefit twice from ventilation. In the morning the air is still bearable and if you ventilate everything for 5 minutes, the humidity in the room is completely different.


The second way to make the built-up heat in offices a little more bearable are fans. If you reach a high temperature in the rooms, you can simply set up one or more fans.

These ensure a refreshing breeze and the closer you place it to the desk, the more the skin cools, which of course ensures a cool airflow. A fan does not manage to lower the air in the room, but evaporation creates a cooling effect on the skin.

You can also simply work with local air conditioning units. There are also small, portable models that can be set up in any room. The advantage of a mobile air conditioner is that it generates cold air and can even cool down entire rooms.

You should pay attention to the size of the room you want to cool down, as a small air conditioner is often only suitable for rooms with 15-20 square meters. Sufficiently dimensioned devices are of course the ideal solution for overheated offices.

Preventing dehydration - it is important to drink a lot!

The last and most important tip is to drink plenty of fluids in hot temperatures. The warmer it gets outside, or in this case in the office, the more fluid the body loses through sweating.

You can prevent this by consuming enough water or unsweetened teas. The consequences of too little fluids are circulatory problems, headaches or dizziness. This is of course rather counterproductive at work and you should put a glass of water on your desk every hour.

Customize clothes!

Finally, you can take the following tip to heart: Clothing must also be adapted to the heat in the office. There are often fixed rules for men, especially when it comes to shirts and trousers, but women can wear a chic dress and combine it with open sandals.

Linen trousers are also ideal because they let enough air through and you don't sweat as much as with other materials. The men can also wear a linen or cotton shirt. With other shirts you would quickly see the sweat stains and feel uncomfortable during the work day. Of course you want to avoid that.

If you sit alone in the office all day anyway, you can open the shirt buttons in between or grab a short-sleeved shirt. It's at least as chic and you don't have to torment yourself in the heat of the office. If air conditioning is available anyway, you should stick to long clothes, otherwise you could catch a cold quickly.

So if it's unbearably hot in the office again and you can hardly concentrate on your work, you should heed at least one of the tips above. These help you to get through the heat better, which you have to endure more or less.

That you should drink a lot is actually a prerequisite and you should continue to do that even after the heat. But after a long day at work in the office, you can also relax at home and treat yourself to a cool footbath. This cools the whole body down and you start a new working day strengthened.