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9. Representation of severely disabled persons - rights and obligations

Who bears the costs for work and training for the SBV?

The employer must bear the costs of material resources and other expenses that result from the work of the SBV. The SBV also has the rooms and business needs that the employer has given to the works council.

The shop steward is entitled to training for their tasks. Since the Federal Participation Act (BTHG) came into force, the first deputy of the shop steward and the other deputies who are called upon to perform tasks have a right to training. Details are regulated in Section 179, Paragraph 4, Clause 3 of SGB IX.

What are the duties of the confidential counselors?

The confidential counselors are not allowed to disclose the personal circumstances of the employees who they learn about through their office. This also applies if they are called in by a severely disabled employee who can inspect his or her personnel file. In addition, the confidential counselors must remain silent about the company and business secrets communicated by the employer.

What does the classification as volunteer mean?

Representatives of the severely disabled exercise their office free of charge. They must not be hindered, favored or disadvantaged in their work by the employer or third parties. Special protection against dismissal, transfer or secondment applies to the representation of severely disabled employees.

Are the confidential counselors entitled to time off from work?

The confidential counselors are entitled to paid time off from work in order to carry out their duties. In companies in which 100 or more severely disabled and equivalent employees work, since the BTHG came into force, the severely disabled employee representative has the right to be completely exempted.


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