Are you mental 2

Well planned, super cool or maybe sensitive? Which mental rider type are you?

Johanna Constantini | Psychology Constantini- First of all: Every mental rider type, which is addressed in the following lines, has immense strengths which must always be worked on. Namely, whether super cool, sensitive, well-planned or pure chaos, every rider who knows about supposed weaknesses and only learns to compensate for them has a lot ahead of the competition.
Maybe you are a mixed guy, do you get along differently at the tournament than at home? It is exciting to see where you would now be classified - and please do not forget to wink when it comes to classification into "classic types" 😉

1. Too cool for this place - relaxed, casual, let loose
You feel little to no nervousness. Neither at the tournament nor in training can you be disturbed. You don't really have to prepare yourself mentally for a competition, because you know your strengths and know your safe inner demeanor. Tip:Maybe you are a little too cool sometimes and that little more adrenaline before the start wouldn't hurt?

2. Relaxed when everything fits - and it is made to fit!
You really enjoy planning. Even before the tournament or training session, you will have a plan of how you would like to organize the next few hours. You write down your workouts and keep records of the hours with your horses. You can start the competition relaxed when you know that everything is going according to plan.
Tip:Could you still work a little more on your flexibility?

3. "I can feel what you don't see", - sensitive & affectionate
You quickly notice when something is wrong with you. Your horse is scared and you like to be infected by it. You also have the gift of perceiving the mood in your environment. It's not always that easy during the tournament, is it? After all, not everyone means well with you. What you feel for your horse helps you assess your performance. Tip:Could you focus your sensitivity even more on your horse and not on external factors?

4. Everything out of order - chaos reigns where you are!
Started too late, forgot my boots on the way and now finally on the way to the stable. A normal start of the day is almost never normal for you. Most of the time you are in a hurry and almost always late. In competition you benefit from your chaotic manner, which seldom gives you time to think and brood.
Tip:Could a schedule help you ease your own hustle and bustle anyway?

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