Should I dye my hair blonde

From brown to blonde: bleaching succeeds with these methods and tips

One thing is certain: if you have dark hair and want to become blonde, there is no avoiding bleaching. However, there are various methods that should be matched to the hair structure and the initial color. Only then can color accidents such as an orange, yellow or green cast be prevented. If you try to do it yourself at home, you'd better keep your hands off your hair if you want to dye your hair blonde.

Better leave the lightening to a professional. The hairdresser will analyze your hair structure exactly and choose the appropriate dyeing technique. When choosing the lightening method, it is also important how often you have colored your hair in the past few years. The more damaged the hair is and the more artificial pigments are already enveloping it (e.g. through frequent dyeing), the more complicated it is to lighten it.

In addition to your hair structure, the factors of time and money also decide which bleaching method is right for you. Here is an overview!

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From brown to blonde in one day: effective, but time-consuming and expensive

From brown to blonde in one day - that is possible. But only if you have many hours to spare. Because then the bleaching is applied piece by piece. It starts with the tips, because this is where most of the color pigments are found in hair that is often colored. Only when the tips are light enough does the bleaching lengthen. Finally, the approach is lightened.

After the appropriate exposure time, the dissolved pigments are brushed from the hair by hand and another portion of bleaching is applied. That means: The bleaching process is maintained until the desired degree of lightening is achieved. In fact, this procedure can take many hours - depending on the initial color - and must be monitored continuously. No wonder that very few hairdressers even offer them.

The advantages of this method: You can get bleached within a day and - since the dyeing process takes hours - (relatively) gently. If the step from brown to blonde is optimal, no further treatment with color or tint is necessary. The disadvantage: This method is extremely time consuming and costly.

Dyeing brown hair blonde in stages: cheaper but more tedious

If you want to take more time, you can bleach your dark hair in stages. For example, with a step of two. One bleaching pass can lighten the hair by seven tones - if that is not enough, a second pass must be made to achieve the desired blonde.

The result is a gold-orange that has to be reworked again (e.g. by color or tint). However, this is not possible until the following day at the earliest, because dyeing twice in one hairdressing session is not possible for physical and chemical reasons.

From brown to blonde using the highlight method

Another way to dye your hair blonde is the streaking method: Here, the hair is streaked peu à peu blonde, i.e. it is lightened in sections and in several sessions.

The advantage of this method: Lightening the hair from brown to blonde looks completely natural and is hardly noticed by others, the process itself is uncomplicated.

The disadvantage: Individual hairs are bleached two or three times, as they cannot be separated exactly from the ones that have not yet been lightened when they are bleached again. That means: the hair color is made up of different shades of blonde in the end. Plus: Individual hairs are more stressed than others.

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Approach method: possible with short hair

If you have short hair and want to go blonde, the approach method could also be an option for you. Only the roots are lightened per hairdressing session until at some point all of the hair is blonde. In the end, the head is up to five tones lighter, but nobody noticed it because the hair was bleached for several weeks or even months.

No fear of visible transitions: Since modern hairdressing color is no longer superimposed in the hair, nobody notices that it has been lightened in stages. The disadvantage: this method is not suitable for longer hair.

From blonde to brown: how harmful is that actually?

Sure, bleaching is not wellness for your hair. How harmful it really is depends on the bleaching method. The step-by-step bleaching in one day and the highlighting method are comparatively gentle.

The following applies: The longer the bleaching itself takes and the lower the hydrogen content in the bleaching agent, the less the hair is damaged and the clearer and more beautiful the blonde becomes. Many hairdressers now also work with Olaplex. This additive, which is added to the hair color, makes dyeing gentler and protects the hair.

Over-colored, dark hair can even be bleached with bleach, namely if the excess, artificial pigment is removed in the process. The lightened hair then falls lighter and more silky.

From blonde to brown: does that even suit me?

Even if it is no longer a big problem to conjure up a Swedish blonde head out of a dark Latina mane - the question beyond the bleaching methods is: Do I even look for blonde?

Basically: natural hair color and natural skin tone form a unit. The more the natural hair color is changed, the more artificial it may look, as it no longer harmonizes with the complexion. Women whose skin is yellow to olive in color can quickly make blond look sickly and tired.

The most important thing, however, is the blonde shade you aim for. The pinker the complexion, the lighter and cooler it can be. Conversely, dark guys go best with a honey or dark blonde. If you are not happy with your new blonde despite great hope, you can easily get darker again. One or two tints (depending on the shade of blonde) are usually sufficient for this.

But so that the brown does not turn green, it is better to go to the hairdresser. If you still want to try it yourself, we have some important information for you here: Back to natural hair color: With these tips it works!

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From blonde to brown: at the hairdresser's or at home?

The bleaching creams and hair colors are piled up on the drug store shelves. I guess that means you can lighten your hair at home, doesn't it? That's right - with a big 'but'.

The darker, more stressed or colored the hair, the more likely unsightly color breakdowns occur when bleaching. Keyword green or yellow tint ... A perfect blonde that flatters the natural skin tone and affects the hair structure as little as possible can only be achieved by professionals.

But no matter whether at home or at the hairdresser's: In general, you should definitely seek advice from a specialist (hairdresser or make-up artist) if you want to dye your hair blonde yourself. He can recommend the right shade of blonde and, if necessary, the corresponding products.

One last important thing: The subject of hair care is always very individual. Only you can judge for yourself whether the tips or products presented by us work for you. If you have persistent hair or scalp problems, it may be advisable to see a skin specialist.

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