What did you recently present to your mother

Just say thank you for Mother's Day: the special Mother's Day present

On Mother's Day it doesn't always have to be the biggest and most expensive gifts that make a mom happy. How about just saying thank you this year? This will not only be good for your mother, but also for you!

We often take a lot of what they do for us for granted. But even mothers always have the choice of washing clothes or waiting for someone else to do it; whether they should cook something or all family members should feed themselves from the refrigerator; whether they take the children to school or sleep a little longer in the morning, etc.

The fact is that nothing like this can be taken for granted and our mothers deserve a big thank you at least for Mother's Day!

Say it with an acrostic

Instead of writing a simple thank you text, you could give your mom a personal acrostic for Mother's Day. This writing game was last known from school, so this gift is sure to create a special surprise effect.

That's how it works:

  • Think about which title you want to give the acrostic and write down the individual letters of the word vertically one below the other.
  • Each of these letters then forms the beginning of a new sentence or word.
  • The written word, i.e. the title, determines the subject of the poem or saying.
  • When you have come up with a title and have written it down vertically, you can start with the content.
  • Do you need inspiration? We introduce you to 4 beautiful versions for Mother's Day.

# 1 Thank you mom

Every mother is happy to hear what qualities her own child values ​​in her. Our idea: Start your acrostic poem with the words “You are” and list the qualities that you like most about your mom. Don't forget that the first letters of the traits describing your mom must match the letters at the beginning of the line.

D.you are:

M.itfeeling and just that

# 2 mom

Do you prefer it short and sweet? Then tell your mother what she means to you in four lines!

A.all over the world!

# 3 mothers day

For the particularly creative, variant four is certainly a great option: Write your mom her own poem! You may not be able to give her a more personal gift and the joy will be huge.

Um to show you my thanks
TI rough zu today ‘to write a poem.
Tow have you been the last few years
E.honest, loving and always advising me.
R.Take a rest and
Tdo not do any work today.
A.ll love I give you and only
GHappy Mother's Day, yes, I wish you that!

# 4 Mother love

Of course there are no limits to your imagination! If you just want to write a lovely text, but you find it difficult to start the sentences correctly with the letters, we have this variant for you:

My beloved M.ama,
to the MuToday I would like to thank you very much!
For giving me one tole childhood made possible
me always tstand by your side and
anytime ehave honest advice ready for me.
Just because you're mir showed so many beautiful things I know
what life has in store for melt.
I don't want you just for dithank you for many funny hours,
but also for die sad moments,
because they belong to every liebe to this.
All goode For Mother's Day!

Our tip:

Instead of writing down good memories about your mother's qualities that you love. Thank your mom for the many great experiences you have already had together. You will certainly have fun again to mentally relive your time together.

Is it harder for you than you thought to put your own congratulations on Mother's Day into words? With our sayings for Mother's Day there is sure to be a suitable one for you!

Your self-written Akrostrichon looks most beautiful of course in a Mother's Day card designed by you. You can find particularly pretty specimens in our shop.