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Joker: Why does Batman's dad speak German so well?

It is one of THE films of the year - "Joker"! The genesis of the meanest and most popular adversary of Batman is a worldwide cinema success.

Why does the Mini-Batman's dad speak German so well? Why does the Joker get even bigger in the end? And why are computer rats jumping through the picture at certain scenes?

This film raises more questions than the Riddler puzzles Batman!

"Joker" with Joaquin Phoenix (44) in the lead role is currently clearing everything in the cinema world. More than a million viewers have already seen the dark background story about Batman's archenemy in Germany. The blockbuster is making waves around the world a billion dollars too.


Because it gives countless answers to just a few questions. Because he pulls the audience into a vortex of his story. Because there are only a few films that eat their way into their thoughts even after the credits have ended, like this psychological study on the origin of the laughing psychopath.


If you've already seen the movie and the questions are pounding in your head. If you want to know why it's worth counting exactly how many shots the disguised clown fired from his drum revolver and why it's far less fatal than most other Hollywood films.

BILD answers the most important questions!

How many characters really die on the screen?

There are "only" EIGHT! Comedian Arthur Fleck ("Joker") has six of them on his conscience. He shoots four. He suffocates his movie mother with a pillow, beats an old friend and stabs him brutally to death. In addition, the parents of young Bruce Wayne die. However, they also indirectly fall victim to the Joker when they are shot and killed by a murderer wearing a clown mask in a dark alley during a riot, because the Joker caused the riots.

Why does the film have so few special effects?

Director Todd Phillips (48) wanted to shoot a reduced character study. The film was also only put on a budget of $ 35 million. It finally cost 55. Which is still pretty manageable for a comic book adaptation.

Special effects (CGI) were used to a very limited extent. But the little moments are worth it. If you look closely, you will see large computer rats running through the streets of Gotham City in three scenes in the key scenes:

► As a spot in a telephone booth being scolded by his boss as a clown.

► When he committed his first murders on the subway.

► When young Bruce Wayne sees his parents' dead bodies.

Why do the Joker and Batman's dad speak German so well?

Exciting! Diary entries or letters that are shown in close-up shots often play a role in film. In German cinemas, the recordings are also in German in Fleck's notebook. A photo of his mother is signed in German with a greeting from Thomas Wayne. A map showing the laughing spot of a woman on the bus also describes his symptoms of illness (pathological laughing fits) in German.

For the international market, such written overlays were added specifically in post-processing - in different languages. Incidentally, this is also a small hint from the makers that there are different perspectives on things everywhere in the film and nothing necessarily leaves only one possibility of viewing.

Who was the Joker afraid of on set?

Before Robert de Niro (76). Or at least greater respect. Joaquin Phoenix (44) is known as an idiosyncratic performer. Several scenes were shot in which he simply left the set without a word to go into himself. With one exception: in the scenes with his counterpart de Niro, who mimes a talk master, Phoenix never appeared like this. Why? Out of awe of his favorite actor.

What does Gladiator have to do with the Joker?

In the cult film "Gladiator" (2000), Phoenix murdered his film dad as "Commodus". He suffocates him with a pillow. The actor repeats the scene almost identically in "Joker" when he brings his mom around the corner in the hospital.

Is Joker the half-brother of Bruce Wayne?

Every viewer has to decide that for himself. No matter how you shoot it or which clues you follow in the film: This question is never answered even with hidden clues. Questions and possible answers are available in a nifty endless loop. Did his mother just imagine this relationship with the billionaire? Or did Wayne knowingly drive her insane? Did Wayne manipulate an adoption certificate to prove that the Joker came from an unknown father? There is no answer to this question. And that almost makes you crazy ...

How are young Bruce Wayne and Joaquin Phoenix really connected?

Dante Pereira-Olson (9), who plays little Wayne and meets the Joker for the first time in front of his family's million dollar estate, played a young version of Joaquin Phoenix in the film "A Beautiful Day" (2017).

What does the "bad day saying" mean?

When Arthur Fleck comes home one day, he meets his neighbor. And talks about how he had a bad day. This is a reference to the comic book "The killing joke", in which the Joker theory emerges, that every person can only be one "bad day" away from madness. It also alludes to the cult film "Taxi Driver". Joker holds his fingers to his head like a pistol.

What does the kiss on TV mean?

One scene plays with a comic comparison, but ends differently in the cinema. When the Joker comes on a TV show, he kisses a sex therapist on the mouth. She is perplexed. In the comic "The Dark Knight Returns" the villain also kisses an expert. But it is poisoned.

When does it become clear in what time the film is set?

Two cinema posters indicate this. Among other things, the Wayne family leaves a cinema in which the film "Zorro with the Hot Blade" is shown. It dates from 1981. In addition, the film "Blow Out - Death Erases All Traces" refers to the year 1981.

How did Charlie Chaplin get into the movie?

Comedy legend Charlie Chaplin (died at 88) appears in a scene from the film "Modern Times" (1936). When the Joker saw the scenes, he said, “I thought my life was a tragedy. But now I know it's a comedy. "

Which hidden figure did we not get introduced by name?

When the Joker meets the young Bruce Wayne in front of his family home, a Wayne employee intervenes and chases the unwelcome guest away. It's Alfred Pennyworth, the butler and friend of the Wayne family.

What does “Romeo and Juliet” have to do with the film?

In order not to attract attention, the film was shot under the title "Romeo". This was to distract the press.

How would Joaquin Phoenix's tough diet almost fail?

The performer lost up to 30 pounds for the role. In some scenes you can see how starved he is. Phoenix lost 300 grams per day in preparation by consuming only lettuce, fruit, and beans. But salt pretzels were a big problem. The director always had them on the set. As he himself said, the hunger and desire for the pretzel drove Phoenix almost insane.

Where did the Joker learn his crazy dance moves?

According to Joaquin Phoenix, he copied the movements of the musical star Ray Bolger (including as the scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz"). With a raised chin and a clear arrogance, he filled the role. Add a few more steps from the 70s disco era and the joker dance is ready.

Is the whole movie just a dream?

The final scene is one of the best twists in cinema in years!

The Joker sits as a patient in a clinic. Did he only tell the whole story of the film in his sick head because it took place in his head? Small indications of such inconsistencies can also be found in his murders. In one scene he shoots eight times from his revolver without reloading, even though the weapon actually only has six cartridge chambers.

It is unlikely that this is a manufacturing error!

In conversation with the therapist, the Joker suddenly has a gray streak and is much more stable on the body than before. When he leaves the meeting, his feet appear to be bloody. The suspicion is that he killed his therapist. But if you paid attention earlier in the film, you will have noticed a scene in which the Joker hits his head against the window of a therapy room. So it could just as well be his own blood from a laceration on the head that made the feet bloody.

Everything is open, nothing is clear in this film. And that's what makes it so special. Because he continues to work.

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