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New School Tattoo Artists:

What are new school tattoos?

New School established itself a few decades ago as a counterpart to the widespread traditional tattoo style (Old School). You can find out more about the style here.

About this list and the tattoo artists listed

In order to be featured on Feel Colored, tattooists cannot register themselves -certainly not against payment. In addition, in general, nobody can simply register on Feelfarbig and create their own profile. Rather, we choose, mostly in agreement with already accepted artists, new artists after professionalism as creativity out. So we can give you a unique and independently run Offer a listing of tattoo artists from German-speaking countries.

The list of artists is constantly updated and is based solely on artistic and craftsmanship. As a result, Feel Color is clearly in contrast to most tattoo lists or tattoo platforms on the Internet. In addition, we strictly avoid superlatives like “the best tattoo artists in Germany” or other nonsense. Because at the end of the day art is still a matter of taste, and nobody can really be “the best”. And even a purely manual ranking of all tattoo artists in Germany is hardly feasible with the masses. That is why we focus exclusively on the quality of the artists instead of quantity or superlatives. So Feelfarbig definitely doesn't offer you the longest list, but what is much more important to us: a list that you trust can.

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