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Rating: 4/5

The not so distant future. Droughts and other harmful substances have almost completely destroyed human sources of food, the only purpose in life is somehow to survive. Former engineer Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), who once strived for the stars, no longer lives from ingenious ideas but from growing corn. Coincidentally, Cooper got another chance and what a chance: Together with a small team he is supposed to venture into the depths of space, fly through a wormhole and find a new home there, far from our home. But the price he has to pay is high if he not only embarks on a risky mission, but also has to leave his two children behind on a dusty planet ...


Space, endless expanses. It has always been pure fascination and one of the great puzzles that mankind has not yet deciphered and probably never will decipher. But it is precisely this fascination that drives us, has us through countless episodes and films of the Star Trek accompanied us, allowed us to experience odysseys in space and repeatedly pushed us to our limits in countless utopias and dystopias. Now the exceptional director Christopher Nolan is daring exactly that subject and a little bit beyond that.

The expectation and secrecy surrounding Nolans Interstellar was and is gigantic. What Inception was supposed to be on a small scale Interstellar represent in the large. An idea about courage, a pioneering spirit, a thirst for knowledge and humanity, wrapped in a science fiction story that we haven't seen in the cinema for many years. The foundation for the film is beyond any doubt, a talented director, a great idea and a fantastic cast. Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, and many others. It is just as fascinating as space to watch those actors on their journey and to discover again and again in amazement how the quality of a film can increase through the presence of individual actors alone. Nolan even picks up on an old tradition of the genre and incorporates robot sidekicks into the film, Silently in space, The black hole & Co. send their regards. They are responsible for many successful gags and that in a film that is serious over its entire duration. A remarkable achievement, because not a gag in the film seems out of place or annoying.

But Nolan should be so big and wide Interstellar even pulls up, he too stumbles over and over again over little things. Packed full of ideas, he takes on himself every now and then, can only hint at many thoughts, throw them in briefly and then has to devote himself to other things again. Individual thoughts in the film are extremely exciting and sometimes frightening, but are then quickly nipped in the bud, as Nolan subscribes to the crowd and therefore has to conceive the ending. Nolan is not as radical as many SciFi directors demonstrated in the 70s. There is also a lack of courage here with a film like thatSunshine to compete. Many questions remain unanswered, some logic gaps are obvious, some directing decisions are questionable.

And yet the film is captivating, captivating despite the lengthy breathlessness in places, captivating simply because of its uniqueness in today's cinema landscape. Nolan takes the time to build up the story, especially at the beginning, and creates something that we are not used to from him, namely to build an extremely emotional bond. A lot will be discussed about the third act and we are not sure whether we like it or not, because the film could have taken a different direction, but then with a different effect. The ending doesn't miss this, but other scenes have a stronger lingering effect, resulting in a deeper emotional reaction.

The scope for interpretation at Interstellar like compared to Inception be less, but the ideas in the film are bigger and more powerful. It wants to be more, more complex, complex and ambitious than most of the films we usually see. Nolan wants to focus on size and nothing makes this clearer than the moment when the small spaceship glides through space in breathtaking beauty, so tiny compared to the stars around it. The whole thing is underlined by an almost operatic soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. At this point, however, we have to criticize the sound mix, which is sometimes unbalanced, in some scenes the soundtrack turns to a bombastic epic, so that the spoken language in the film can hardly be understood. We cannot say whether this is a general problem with the film or individual cinemas.

Without question, Interstellar will divide the audience in the cinema. As much as it turned out to be a typical Nolan in the end, many viewers of this film will be much more divided. Nevertheless, it fits seamlessly into the long list of outstanding films by Nolan, it is a daring step forward in today's cinema landscape, as adventurous as the trip itself. A little can be Interstellar like a modern one 2001 - A Space Odyssey describe only in exciting. Interstellar is full of rough edges, could be a lot more if Nolan had only dared - and yet he inspires us and he gives us hope that one day there will be more stories like this again. Ambitious films full of ideas that captivate the viewer to the seat and inspire them to look up, up to the stars ...

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