What is Call of Duty Zombies

Struggle for survival (zombies)

Danger! This is Treyarch's zombie mode, not to be confused with the Exo Zombies mode.

The Struggle for survival (orig. Zombies or Zombie Mode or Nazi Zombies) is a game mode from Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and again in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The fight for survival is about surviving unlimited waves of zombie hordes. Either in single player or in co-op mode with up to 4 players (in WaW and BO, however, only a maximum of two players can play on one console at a time. In BO2 and BO3 four players can play offline on one console). However, the zombie mode has nothing to do with the single player and has its own universe with its own plot. These can be explored by tackling the complex and hidden "Easter Egges", which, according to the Ascension card, are an integral part of every zombie card.

In zombie mode, there are also other variants, such as the mutated mode, which allows you to take on the role of the undead yourself. The pain modes also allow the player to explore new sides. This mode is similar to the normal fight for survival, but two teams compete against each other with 4 players each. The team that is the last to have at least one living player wins. However, these modes weren't introduced until Call of Duty: Black Ops II and weren't previously included.

Also in Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIthere is again a zombie mode.

Introduction to the mode

You start in a room with a standard weapon (a pistol) and now you have to fight against more and more zombies that are getting stronger and faster. You will receive points for each zombie killed, which you can then spend on Perk-a-Cola machines, guns for sale on walls, the Pack-a-Punch machine or the Mystery Box. You can also buy doors that allow you to explore more of the map. However, not only zombies, but also crawlers zombies, hellhounds and many other types of zombies are antagonists, but usually only appear after a certain number of waves.

Players can also (only from the card The Giant) master Easter Eggs, which tell the story of the zombie mode and also explain the background of the zombie apocalypse. While the first two maps of Call of Duty: World at War still played unknowns, the four playable characters from Shi No Numa are Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki. These are also the protagonists in Call of Duty: Black Ops and in the Origins map of Black Ops 2. However, there are two exceptions in Black Ops (Five, Dead Ops Arcade & Call of the Dead).

In Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Samuel Stuhlinger, Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Marlton Johnson and Russman are the heroes. But again there is an exception - Mob of the Dead and Origins. If you decide to carry out the Easter Eggs, you can often even communicate with Richtofen.

There are four maps in Call of Duty: World at War: Night of the Undead, Mad, Shi No Numa and The Giant. However, these are not available in the German version of the game as they have been indexed and cut out. The very first card was initially only playable with a cheat code. As the mode became increasingly popular, a map was added with each DLC.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops there are Kino der Toten, Five and Dead Ops Arcade as standard cards. In the DLC for Black Ops there are also:

Those who ordered the Hardened and Prestige Editions or those who bought the Rezurrection DLC also received the four maps from World at War, adapted in Black Ops.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops II there is now the TranZit and Pain mode. By default there is the Green Run card (TranZit, Town, Busdepot, Farm). Also available:

The zombie mode has returned in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and there is now a level system. The first card available is Shadows of Evil. A Dead Ops Arcade II is also available through Cheat Code. The Giant map is an in-store DLC map and remake of the World at War map The Giant.

Tips, common mistakes and strategies

When playing the fight for survival, certain mistakes and patterns come to mind, which can lead to the premature death of the survivors.

Beginning of the game

At the beginning you should only work with the knife and thus survive one or two rounds. Knife kills bring the most points and save valuable bullets. From the third round onwards, some hits with the pistol should do preparatory work, the kill then takes place after the undead has been weakened with the blade. Grenades should also be used for fighting, as the standard pistol initially only comes with 40 bullets and is quickly emptied. Therefore you should only use them if the fight with the knife is too risky. From round 4 or 5 you should reach for the Mystery Box to get a more powerful weapon.

Weapon choice

However, if over-the-counter weapons are available, they should be preferred. On the farm in the "Green Run" map set, you can find the MP5, which is quite solid even on higher levels, on the upper floor of the house. Should the mystery box be used, one should be aware that the random principle can also assign weak weapons. In addition, you get fewer points for kills with revolvers, shotguns and the ray cannon. The disreputable and unpopular ballistic knife can work wonders in earlier rounds, as it has increased melee damage, can be swung faster and earns the most points.

Larger weapons such as shotguns or automatic firearms such as HAMR or RPD slow down the shooter when running and walking. In addition, the Sagittarius is sluggish and tends to take curves with a larger radius, so that you get stuck on objects faster and run the risk of being trapped by the undead. The ray cannon is also a danger for all players, as it always brings friendly fire with it. The shooter should carefully consider whether it makes sense to use the ray cannon in narrow areas. In the case of weapons with small or large magazines that have to be reloaded frequently or require a long reload time, the green perk (if available) should be purchased so that the firing pauses do not put the shooter in trouble. If you should be surprised during reloading, you can cancel the magazine change by pressing the weapon change button twice. However, this only helps if you want to replace a magazine that has not yet been completely emptied. Sniper rifles, grenade launchers or rocket launchers should generally be behaved in good manners, as they are extremely unstable and don't allow the game to flow.

Sensible pairs of weapons

The most effective weapons are:

• RPD (automatic fire machine gun) • HAMR (automatic fire machine gun, automatic) • Galil (machine gun, automatic) • MTAR (machine gun, automatic) • Python (revolver, semi-automatic) • Ray cannon (energy weapon, semi-automatic)

It depends on the style of play which weapon is preferred. On the one hand, it is advisable to carry a weapon with an endless magazine (RPD, HAMR), as these rarely have to be reloaded and can save lives, especially in dead ends, and are particularly suitable for destroying many undead in bottlenecks. However, the shooter is more sluggish and slower when using these weapons.

The revolver should serve as an emergency brake, as it can kill enemies in fractions of a second with enormous penetration. If you are encircled, the revolver can shoot the way out.

A high penetration power can also be expected from the ray cannon. However, the use of the weapon is only advisable with a safe distance, as friendly fire is permanently active with the ray cannon. Even the shooter himself can be harmed by their use. Because of its areal effect, it is suitable for combating groups.

Galil and MTAR are ordinary machine guns, which have a high penetration power or rate of fire, but often have to be reloaded. If there is a choice, the higher quality Galil should be used.

Overall, the team members should complement each other. Everyone should carry an RPD or HAMR type weapon. As a second weapon, we recommend a weapon that enables rapid movement and can deal extremely damage very quickly. For example, a combination of HAMR and revolver is ideal. Personal tastes and styles ultimately make the difference.

Monkey grenades (available in the Mystery Box) can also be helpful, as these attract enemies and give the shooter a few seconds of rest. In addition, enemies gathering around the grenade can easily be fought as a group.


Some cards do not contain any perks at all, other cards only certain ones. Basically, the Jugger Nog should always be bought first, as it increases the shooter's vitality and thus also secures the use of other perks, as these are lost if you are incapacitated.

Double tap helps increase the damage to time ratio in favor of the shooter. In this way, the damage necessary to kill an enemy can be dealt out in a shorter time, which in many situations can mean a second saving. However, the hit rate often drops with Double Tap, as the increased rate of fire also causes empty shots to pass through enemies who have already been killed and are in the process of dying.

Quick Reload and Quick Revive should only be bought if there are enough points left to renew the two aforementioned perks Jugger Nog and Double Tap, should these be lost and the nature of the game dictates. So if weapons with long or frequent reloads are in use or team members go down more frequently than usual, it is advisable to buy the other two perks, albeit not before Jugger Nog and Double Tap.


Many mistakes are made when using bonuses. Rushed rescue operations are particularly common in order to collect bonuses even in dangerous situations. Some bonuses are often no longer helpful.

In TranZit mode, it makes little sense to want to collect a carpenter bonus, since in this mode little is left in one place. The 2 × bonus doubles the points earned, but is pointless if the round has just ended. Likewise, the bonuses "Kabumm" and "Insta Kill" are often collected immediately upon eye contact. Often this happens between rounds when there are few or no enemies on the map to destroy.

It is therefore advisable to wait until the beginning of the next round and fully exploit the effect of the bonus.

"Maximum Ammo" should only be canceled when the bonus is about to disappear or become inaccessible by enemies. All ammunition can be fired as long as it is refilled. This also applies to monkey grenades.

Most common mistakes

The following mistakes are common. Some of these have already been addressed in the previous text, but should be summarized here with other errors that have not yet been mentioned.


Inexperienced zombie hunters often run uncoordinated across the entire map. Since enemies always approach the shooter who is closest to them, it can happen that a single person makes all enemies in their path unpredictable and thus maneuvers entire hordes into his allies. Orderly routes and clearly assigned areas of responsibility create clarity and freedom in the team.


Temporary bonuses should not be canceled at the end of a wave, as long as they remain on the map for a few moments without disappearing. You should also wait between two waves and only cancel bonuses when the new round starts. This is how most enemies can be dealt with and points can be stacked.

EMP grenade:

The EMP grenade is available in the Mystery Box and should be avoided in any case. Although it slows down the action for a brief moment, a perk is selected at random and inactive for the rest of the round. For example, use can lead to the Jugger Nog suddenly failing and the life force of the Sagittarius going back to its original state. As a consequence, all other perks can also be lost if the shooter goes down. Basically all perks can be affected.

Blocking paths:

Often several players in need pile up at the Mystery Box and block important escape routes. In addition, the enemies concentrate particularly on groups of players, so that they will soon be attacked on the spot by whole hordes, with everyone standing in each other's way.

Siege the Mystery Box:

It is not uncommon to meet egoists who claim the Mystery Box for themselves and do not give others the chance to get a better weapon. They should keep in mind that only a balanced team has a chance of success. Badly equipped team members tend to block walking paths when lying down and cannot participate in fighting the enemy. In addition, disagreements with one another lead to poor teamwork.

Monkey grenade:

The monkey grenade is helpful in orderly to get a grip on confusing situations by luring enemies to a certain position. Wherever possible, places should be chosen that cannot become a dead end due to the enemy group being gathered. The monkey grenade should also not be thrown near supply posts. It will not help anyone if the Mystery Box or the Perk machines are blocked by enemies. In addition, the monkey grenade can be considered "offside" in certain places that are at the very edge of a map and disappear. The same thing happens of course if it is thrown into areas inaccessible to players.

It should also be borne in mind that it takes about two seconds for it to be dropped and a few seconds (the length of the delay is variable) for the enemies to react to it. So you should discard them as soon as you sense a dangerous situation and not only when it is already there.

Playable cards:

Call of Duty: World at War

Night of the Living Dead:

Night of the Undead is the very first playable map in Zombie Mode. Furthermore, it is also the smallest and most simply constructed map of all, as there are only three doors to open. Night of the Undead takes place in a Nazi bunker and you slip into the role of four unknown marines.

Except for the Mysterious Chest, nothing else supernatural can be found on this map.

However, in the Call of Duty: Black Ops version of the card, which you can buy through the Rezurrection DLC in the respective store, the Perk-a-Cola machine Mule Kick has been added, which allows you to get a third weapon in addition. It is also the very first card that included the ray cannon, which can now be found in every single Zombies card. In the Black Ops version you also play the four well-known protagonists.


Crazy is the second Zombies map and can be obtained through the first DLC of Call of Duty: World at War. Furthermore, you can get Crazy in Call of Duty: Black ops, like in Night of the Undead, through the Rezurrection DLC.

Crazy takes place in a German sanatorium and is very similar to the Asylum multiplayer map, which was also the inspiration for this. In Crazy, the menu is now significantly larger, even if the menu is very tight, and it was the first Perk-a-Cola machine to have one.

Furthermore, you have to turn on the power for the first time.

In the Black Ops version, the wonder weapon Winter Howl is also available, as well as the monkey bomb. In the Waw version you play four unknown marines again and in the Black Ops version you play the old crew again.

Shi No Numa:

Shi No Numa is the third map of the Zombie Modes and the second map available in a DLC in World at War. As before, this map has also been made available in Black Ops through the Rezurrection DLC.

For the very first time you play with the original troupe (Takeo, Richtofen, Tank & Nikolai). Now there is also the first trap system and the wonder weapon DG-2 has been added. The hell dogs also appeared for the first time, which later became an integral part of the zombie modes.

The first time it is not based on a multiplayer map, but was designed solely for the zombie mode.

The giant:

The giant is the fourth Zombies map and also the last one available in Call of Duty: World at War. As with the three predecessors, you can get The Giant in Call of Duty Black Ops, through the Rezurrection DLC.

The giant was the largest card up to that point and introduced the Pack-a-Punch machine, which was later available in every single card except Dead Ops Arcade. Furthermore, the wonder weapon DG-2 is again present in the card.

It is also the last card to have the DG-2 wonder weapon in the Mystery Box (Bis Black Ops 3 - The Giant). For the first time, teleporters were also available, which made the game smoother and enjoyed great popularity with the community.

Call of Duty Black Ops

Theatre of the dead:

"The struggle for survival begins. The heroes are fighting their worst nightmares."

Kino der Toten is the first card from Call of Duty: Black Ops and is one of the most popular Zombies cards ever. For the first time there were crawling zombies.

Otherwise it took over a lot from The Giant, including the monkey bomb, the teleporter, the Pack-a-Punch machine, the Bowie knife and hellhounds. It is the first card whose Mystery Box is not always in the same place at the beginning. In addition, the wonder weapon DG-2 was exchanged for the thunder cannon, which is also available here for the very first time.

The card itself is set in a German "Sol Kino" in Berlin, sometime before 1963.


"The Pentagon is under attack! On this card, Defcon 1."

Five is the second card in Call of Duty Black Ops and the sixth overall. Five is only available after playing through the Black Ops campaign or using the cheat code.

For the first time you play people who actually existed. John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Richard Nixon and Fidel Castro.

There is also a new boss zombie, the Pentagon thief, who has his own round and steals the player's weapons. There's a new silver bullet, the Winter Howl.

It is also the first card to be set in the United States.

Dead Ops Arcade:

"This retro-style adventure turns back time. Fight the forces of the cosmic silver back!"

Dead Ops Arcade is the third map in Black Ops and the seventh overall. This is not your usual card, but an homage to 80s video games and you don't look down on the player from the first person perspective, but from above.

The map can only be played with a cheat code, except in multiplayer. Unlike in other maps, the zombies are very fast from the start and the players' ammunition never ends.

Weapons spawn suddenly and at the end of each round you have to walk in one direction to continue playing in a different location. So you can visit prisons, islands and more.


Ascension is the fourth card from Black Ops and the eighth overall. For the first time, the perks are Dr. To see rivets and stamin-up and there is also a new boss round, the monkeys, who come and demolish perk machines, whereby you can lose your perks.

That's why you have to stop the monkey zombies, otherwise you can quickly lose all your perks. There are two new wonder weapons (Gersch Device and Matryoshka dolls). Ascension is based on the multiplayer map Launch. So far it is the only card that is set in Russia (except Call of the Dead).

Call of the Dead:

Call of the Dead is the fifth card in Black Ops and the ninth card overall. It is set in Siberia, Russia. The crew is played for the first time by famous actors: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Danny Trejo and Michael Rooker. The legendary "Night of the Living Dead" director George A. Romero also acts.

The perk death daiquiri has been added. Furthermore, there are now two new wonder weapons, the Scavenger and V-R11. V-R11 is a special weapon here as it can turn the zombies into normal people.

They can also be used to calm the angry Romero back down. If you do the Easter Egg, you get the wonder weapon DG-2.


Shangri-La is the sixth card from Black Ops and the tenth overall. Shangri-La takes place in a jungle. For the first and only time there are napalm zombies and zombie monkeys, but they have nothing to do with the monkeys from Ascension, they can spawn power ups at random.

The new miracle weapon is the 31-79 JGb215, which shrinks the zombies into Babay formats. Shangri-La is also the first map to feature female zombies.


Moon is the seventh and final Black Ops Zombies map and the eleventh overall. Moon is also the only map that does not take place on Earth so far. The new miracle weapon is the wave cannon.

There is also a new boss, the astronaut zombie, who appears rather passively in the background. It is also the only map whose starting point is left and only then has you arrived at the actual map.

The teleporter is also back, this time there are only two large ones that take you from the earth to the moon and back again. The starting point is Area 51.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Green Run:

Green Run is the first map from Black Ops 2 and the eleventh overall. You play four brand new characters: Marlton Johnson, Misty, Russman and Samuel Stuhlinger. In addition, there is now a bus that takes you from one part of the map to the next. For the first time you can build aids yourself (e.g. improvements to the bus).

There is also a new wonder weapon - the Jet Gun. There are also new monsters now, the forest dwellers, which did not appear again later.

In addition, the bank system was introduced, where you can pick up points and then withdraw them in other games.

Nuketown Zombies:

Nuketown Zombies is the second map from Black Ops 2 and the twelfth overall. Nuketown Zombies was initially only available for those ordering the Hardened Edition, but you can now buy it from the respective store. Nuketown Zombies is based on the popular multiplayer map Nuketown.

You have to kill a certain number of zombies for a perk or pack-a-punch to spawn on the map. It's always random, so you never know which drink will end up next.


The Rise is the third map from Black Ops 2 and the thirteenth overall. The first time a card is played in China. The map is located on skyscrapers that have crashed into each other and you can only reach perks and pack-a-punch with elevators that keep going up or down.

The banking system has been restored.

Mob of the Dead: