What is the best photo of shadows

Photo basics: light and shadow

Whether warm, cold, hard or soft: Light is the most important component in our photography. Today's photo tip is dedicated to the benefits of light and shadow.

Some photographers are convinced that soft light "lulls" the subjects and the art of working with light is lost. Softbox and diffuser should not represent the ultimate in lighting. The use of hard light is a decisive factor for some ingenious picture compositions. Typically it comes from a spotlight or the blazing midday sun and ensures high dynamics and contrasts in the picture. This will be reflected in the tonal range of the camera. An important rule is: where there is hard light, there are also hard shadows. A great attraction of hard light is that dominant or important aspects are emphasized in the picture, while less important details can disappear in the dark. In addition, images with a high dynamic range can create a greater sense of depth. Softly lit photos, on the other hand, sometimes appear flat. Because even if hard light seems brutal at times - it can often expand your photographic possibilities.

Great photos can be created with light and shadow

If hard, direct light hits an object, exciting shadow games can arise, which can be used wonderfully in photography to create attractive and playful images. And that is exactly what your photo assignment this week consists of: Use strong sunlight - or alternatively a flash - and create a photo that captivates with an appealing play of light and shadow and the contrasts between light and dark areas of the image. The genre does not matter here - this task can be implemented excellently in both portrait and architectural photography. Use RAW to optimize the shadows and highlights afterwards.

Don't forget to share your photos with us in our 52 photos gallery afterwards. With a little luck you can win great prizes. You can find more information about the competition here.

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