Are men afraid of kinky women

Attractiveness: Score with dirty jokes?

Most women are into men with a sense of humor, but not so much into dirty jokes. And men with dirty humor? A trio of authors from the University of Mississippi tested what sounds like a logic task in a philosophy test on female students. A man tells a slippery joke, a woman listens: Unfortunately, the experimental setup was limited to this expected constellation. And thus does not answer the possibly more exciting question: Do men not only like dirty jokes themselves, but also women who tell dirty jokes?

But back to the starting point: Men use humor to appeal to women, and they do so successfully, explain the psychologist Mary Medlin and her colleagues in the introduction. "Women especially want men who make them laugh." They suspected, however, that indecent humor might not be appropriate for this, especially with women who are more likely to be looking for a long-term partner. To test this, the team had eight men, supposedly candidates for a speed dating, tell some slippery and sometimes harmless jokes. Then the recordings were presented to around 240 heterosexual students.

According to a preliminary study, the eight jokes were about equally funny. In the context of a date, the test subjects found the harmless gags funnier than the obscene - and with a whole point difference, measured on a scale from 1 to 7. In addition, the students were also asked to indicate with a number from 1 to 7 how inclined they were would be to give men their phone number on a speed date. The candidates with the good jokes had an average of half a point better chances. Even more advantages were harmless gags for women who wanted to commit themselves over the long term. But even if the test subjects had no long-term intentions, men with slippery jokes were comparatively less successful with them.

The authors attribute the success of the good humor to the fact that it made the candidates appear more family-friendly to the students, suggesting more loyalty and care. From slippery jokes, the women probably concluded that there was an increased interest in relationships outside of a partnership. Whatever the association, the women apparently listened with a different ear when they were supposed to see a man as a potential partner, because slippery humor didn't seem as funny in this situation as in a neutral context.

A taste? »Professor to student: There is no excuse for submitting your thesis late! - Student: What about sex-related exhaustion? - Professor: Tap with the other hand! "