What are some anti aging startups

Anti-aging for businesses

Learning from startups
Startups act faster on the market, react more flexibly to developments and innovations - and in the digitalized business world are increasingly passing long-established companies. What the established can learn from the newcomers and how the change towards an agile startup culture succeeds.
  • Don't be afraid of breaking the rules: Why startups are so often one step ahead of large companies
  • Insistence on privileges: why a startup culture cannot be imposed
  • Hope of contagion: How Rewe and Telekom want to spread the startup virus in the company
  • Introduce, test, adapt: ​​the principle of pivoting
  • Hand in hand with the startup industry: How Axel Springer is digitizing
  • Recruiting startup spirit: How employees with entrepreneurial spirit can be won and retained
  • Startups for adults: What distinguishes corporate startups from newcomer companies

Central message:
In the digitized business world, startups are increasingly outstripping large companies. This is mainly due to their greater speed of reaction, which gives them a considerable advantage in fast-moving, barely predictable markets. But also in their ability to deal with disruptive change: if necessary, startups throw their business model overboard overnight and reinvent themselves. Established companies cannot imitate this, of course, but you can learn a lot from the newcomer companies.
  • 7 lessons from startups
  • Reading tips
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