How do I avoid weeds at concerts

Weed instead of a million dollar fee? Adele cancels performance!

Gardening instead of appearances? Adele (29) is currently one of the most successful musicians and fills the largest halls. The multiple Grammy winner has been delighting her fans with her voice for years - a few wealthy businessmen wanted to enjoy this pleasure and offered the 29-year-old a record amount. But Adele refused: she'd rather look after her green oasis!

How Daily Star reported that Arab millionaires were very interested in a private concert by the "Hello" interpreter. For a serenade in a small group, Adele would have received a million British pounds - but the musician was not in the mood for salary and performance. "No, she doesn't do that. She is busy with gardening during the week"her buddy Guy Sebastian told the newspaper. Adele is too busy: "She is currently pulling weeds."

It's not the first time that Adele has turned down such a lucrative penny. In order to take care of her son Angelo (5), she has, according to the Sun already knocked out advertising deals worth around 40 million pounds. Adele's account will certainly not hurt: Das Finanzmagazin Forbes named her the fourth richest celebrity in Europe.

How do you think Adele canceled the job? 1655 votes
Impressive. She just wants to concentrate on her private life - I think that's cool!
I don't know if with so much money I would have turned it down.

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