How is Filemaker different from Access

Difference Filemaker <-> Access?

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  1. Difference Filemaker <-> Access?

    Author: Questioner32 21.07.10 - 08:55

    I don't even know Filemaker, but there seem to be a lot of people who work with it. What do I have to imagine by that? Some kind of access? Especially since the license prices seem to be quite steep, even the iPad app costs 32 euros

  2. Re: Difference Filemaker <-> Access?

    Author: GG 21.07.10 - 09:15

    yes, I think you could originally compare it with Access in terms of performance - although it has increased quite a bit today, especially in terms of multi-user functionality - which of the two is easier to use is probably a matter of opinion. (I don't work with either of them anymore ;-) Big advantage of Filemaker - it runs on Mac OSX and Windows, while Access will probably never run on Mac.

  3. Re: Difference Filemaker <-> Access?

    Author: Heavenly lamb thread 21.07.10 - 09:23

    I know that from the OS-9 days. Didn't even know that it still exists :-)

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