Why did Captain America get the shield

Captain America's shield

● History: Captain America's shield is his primary weapon. The most famous of his shields is a disk-shaped object with a five-pointed star in its center, with blue, red and white circles around it. This shield is made from a unique alloyVibranium, Steel and an unknown third component. It is practically indestructible. Cap uses the shield as an offensive as well as a defensive weapon. He uses it against his enemies primarily as a projectile and also as a classic shield.

● Creation: Originally tried Dr. Myron MacLain to create an indestructible alloy as strong as the legendary one "Adamantine", from which the legendary Golden fleece duration. Dr. MacLain hoped the alloy would have a distinct advantage in equipping American war machinery during the Second world war should represent. The scientist worked tirelessly with the exotic Vibraniumand an unknown substance. While the doctor was sleeping, an as yet unknown cause caused the components to connect and a completely new and unique element was created.

The alloy was poured into the shape of a disc. Some sources claim that Dr. MacLain chose the disc shape for its versatility, while others say he used an existing mold for tank hatches. It is believed that the titanium steel studs used to attach the belts to the pulley were also forged at this point. It was painted in red, white, and blue patterns with titanium oxide paint [although it has been repainted many times since]. Later the shield became Captain America of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to hand over. Later, Dr. MacLain failed to duplicate the shield. The resulting attempts ended up in a new substance, the so-called "Proto-Adamantium„.

The shield was frozen in ice with Captain America towards the end of World War II and later by the Avengers found. During the Secret Wars Events he was from Doctor Doom who destroys the godlike powers of Beyonder recorded. Towards the end of the event, however, it was "recreated" again.

As Steve Rogers the costume of Captain America hung up and as "The Captain" fought the villains, he gave the shield to John Walker alias US agentwho was active as Captain America for a while. Rogers received a new adamantium shield from Tony Starkwhich he later made off with a vibranium shield Wakanda exchanged.

After Steve Rogers after the end of the Civil War died lay Tony Stark Steve's body included a duplicate of the shield. He offered Hawk Eye the shield and the post as Captain America at. However, this refused and the Winter Soldier became the new Captain America and carried the shield from then on. However, when Steve Rogers rose from the dead and that Fear Itself Event began, the evil brother of annihilated All-father Odin, called the serpent, the shield. He was later by Tony Stark together with the dwarfs who once Mjolnir forged, from the mighty Asian metal Uru rebuilt and was henceforth more powerful than ever.

● Official name: Captain America's shield
● Inventor: D. Myron MacLain
● Place of creation: Dr. Myron MacLain's laboratory
● Size: Diameter of approx. 75cm
● Weight: 6 kg
● Current owner: Captain America [Steve Rogers]
● First appearance: Captain America Comics # 2 [1941]

● Attributes: Captain America's weapon is a shield, a domed disc with a diameter of 75 cm and a weight of 6 kg. The shield consisted of a unique one Vibranium steel alloythat has never been duplicated. The shield was made by the American metallurgist Dr. Myron MacLain designed on behalf of the U.S. government during the Second world war to create an impenetrable substance for tanks.

The shield has unique aerodynamic properties. He is able to fly through the air with minimal wind resistance. Its high resilience, combined with its natural concentrated mass, enables it to bounce off objects with minimal loss of angular momentum. It is also practically indestructible. The shield is resistant to shocks, extreme temperatures and the entire electromagnetic spectrum of radiation. The only way to damage it in any way is by manipulating its molecular bond. The shield is not only almost indestructible, but it also absorbs a lot of kinetic energy from impacts due to its vibranium component. That is why, for example, the Hulk and Thor Hit the shield while Cap holds it without simply throwing it into the ground or air. Cap has also used the shield to cushion the force of impact when falling from a high altitude by standing on the shield.

● Other carriers of the shield:

  • Sam Wilson in his role as Captain America
  • Wonder Man during a fight the Avengers against Count Nefaria
  • John Walker during his time as Captain America
  • James "Bucky" Barnes during his time as Captain America
  • Clint Bartonwhen Tony Stark offered him the role of Captain America
  • Major Victory, the leader of the Guardians 3000 found the shield in an alternate future
  • Superman during the Avengers / JLA crossover

● Trivia:

  • Captain America's shield can't get off Magnetos Forces are controlled.
  • in the Marvel Cinematic Universe consists of Captain America's shield Vibranium.

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