Why does water help you lose weight

Myth or Truth: Does Water Help You Lose Weight?



The nutritionists at the Berlin Charité dealt more closely with the issue of whether there is a connection with increased water consumption and weight reduction. It was initially noticeable that there are around 5,000 studies worldwide that deal with the connection between water consumption and diets or weight reduction, but only 13 of them can be described as serious and meaningful. According to this evaluation, the connection between water consumption and weight reduction cannot be scientifically proven.

In a parallel study by the Charité, it was shown that drinking around 1.5 to two liters of water consumed around 100 kcal. Because although water itself does not contain any calories, the body needs energy to process the water. With sufficient drinking volume, weight loss can be boosted - good news for anyone who wants to lose a few pounds. Of course, drinking water is not enough as the sole measure for weight loss. A high water consumption only harbors health risks for patients with special heart diseases; the doctor should be consulted here.

Against the cravings

To alleviate a sudden attack of cravings, you can of course drink one or two glasses of water, preferably still, because the carbon dioxide can even increase the feeling of hunger. Fooling the stomach into believing that it is full is only possible for a very short period of time. Therefore, after you have drunk the water, you should also eat something. The water prevents you from consuming many calories in a short period of time in order to combat cravings as quickly as possible. Once your stomach is occupied with a glass of water, you can calmly consider whether it is better to grab an apple instead of a bag of crisps.

Some people find it difficult to clearly distinguish a feeling of thirst from a feeling of hunger, so it can be worthwhile to meet an emerging desire for food with a glass of water.

It is still healthy

Even if the connection between drinking water and accelerated weight loss can hardly be scientifically confirmed, consuming plenty of water has positive effects for most people. With a glass of water after getting up, the metabolism is stimulated and digestion is set in motion. If you can, you should drink a glass of lukewarm tap water in the morning, it is digestible on an empty stomach, inexpensive and of high quality.

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