It hurts to lose virginity

Does it hurt when the Junfernskin tears? Please reply!!


My girlfriend is 15 and has a boyfriend (for 3 months) and she would like to sleep with him ... but is afraid that it will hurt if the hymen breaks!
What do you think? To women: how was it with you?
... Because I would like to give my girlfriend tips and help!


@ Sandra868

It depends on how it gets torn. If this is stretched first and then slowly torn, it hurts because of the cups (strips or ends). If it penetrates very quickly, it doesn't hurt because the bowls cannot register it. There is no pain and there may be a slight burning sensation when urinating.

I recommended these to my girlfriend before she slept with the first boys. She was really scared of the first time. She confirmed to me that this was the best guide. But everyone has to know that for themselves.

If I were to pay close attention to some very important requirements, then it really wouldn't hurt at all!

So it was with my ex-girlfriend that we first did petting and I first stretched the vagina with my finger, then with two finders, and later she said that it hardly hurt .. only briefly in the mom when it tore but at the actual traffic not at all .. I hope your friend won't have any pain either (:

I don't want to scare you, but I had such pain that I couldn't stand it and we had to stop the whole thing.
I hope you are not too sio.
I had a blood stain in my bed that wasn't exactly small.

There can be pain during the first sexual intercourse, but it's not the hymen's fault, it's the fear and insecurity that the girl feels. because then the vagina cannot get really wet and the vaginal muscles tense.

I had my first time when I was 14, and I was also scared of it. but my friend was very sensitive and had a good idea: he lay with me while i satisfied myself, focused on me and my reactions. this went on for a couple of weeks. he learned what excited me and I lost my shyness of being together. and one evening, shortly before my orgasm, we slipped into each other as if by ourselves and came both, first me, then him.
When the hymen tore, it was like a very small, insignificant stitch, you couldn't call it pain.

Well, it's been ages for me (31 years) but I hardly noticed anything. We had a little blood stain in bed. But he was also very sensitive to the penetration. But when the skin was pierced, it was a great thing and the sexual intercourse became more fun from time to time. It was really great back then too! Because you don't forget the first time.