Why do plasters have small holes?

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Concrete paving stones with quality defects

Hello everyone, the driveway was paved for me in November 2014 and I am at a loss because of the poor quality of the concrete paving stones from the company HABA, type Quadro Drain, format 20 x 20 x 8 cm, surface "shell limestone nuanced". Since it was laid, more and more holes have formed in the surface. These are very small at first and get bigger over the months. A few are now 20-30 mm in size. At first you can widen the hole with a toothpick, it is only loose "dust" or when the stones are wet it is like clay. HABA has already visited me twice. Both employees said that HABA takes the sand / gravel from the sand pit and uses it to produce the concrete blocks without washing. According to the staff, it can happen that the sand contains impurities, which then later form these holes. Apparently a known problem. Cracks have formed in the surface of some stones.

If I had known that the sand / gravel was not washed, then I would never have bought these stones. In addition, some of these impurities are distributed as powder in the concrete, which means that the strength / durability of the stones is reduced overall. The procedure reminds me of the scandal of a concrete plant in the Stuttgart area. There, the cement for the precast concrete was stretched with stone dust on large construction sites. HABA has now offered to replace the defective stones (now 10% of the total) individually. I am not satisfied with that because I can see that the quality of the concrete is poor overall. I doubt the patch will last 20 years. But what can i do?


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  1. What is your goal?

    Do you want to completely dismantle and rebuild the entire paved area with a different stone? You will probably only be able to achieve this together with a good lawyer.

    OK - exchanging 10% of the stones (all stones that are currently damaged) is certainly not a fair deal. The manufacturer would then have to offer you an additional compensation for any damage that might still occur in the future (costs for replacing another 10 ... 20%?)

    Perhaps you will also agree that you will now replace the damaged 10% of the stones and after 5 years do another control round and then rework them again.

    You will notice - from now on it is a matter of negotiation!

  2. Thanks for the answer

    Hello Mr. Tilgner, thank you very much for the professional answer! I had also considered the two approaches you suggested, but I wasn't sure if there were any other alternatives. Kind regards, M-Jackdaw

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