What are countries with top entertainment industries

Entertainment worldwide: which countries are into which entertainment?

This article shouldn't be about travel directly, but about foreign countries! Because maybe your next trip will be inspired by it. Let's take a closer look at other countries and the entertainment culture there. What is being played in the countries and regions of the world? And how do the countries differ in the genres of what is played there? That and much more now in the guide here on urlaubshighlights.de. Have fun while reading!

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What do you play in Germany?

In this country the trend is very clear. Games of skill and puzzle games dominate the video game genres in this country with 35% each. That is, over a third of the players play this. Sports games are also popular. This also fits in with the entertainment culture in Germany, which is more dignified and less eccentric. So if you say that it is a bit quieter in the gaming halls and entertainment centers, then you can go on vacation in Germany and the surrounding countries.

In Asia

In Asia everything is a bit more playful and mysterious. Many games from Asia feature nested characters and playful landscapes. The story is usually a bit lengthy and you try to draw attention to yourself with lots of colors and colorful scenes. In addition, the games are mostly about the past and the history of the countries, which is different in Germany. So if you celebrate this kind of entertainment, you can plan your next trip in these countries.

In Monaco

Things are happening in Monaco and Co.! Or the money. You can already guess, there is gaming going on. Many casinos and gambling halls are standing around there and basically you visit Monaco and Co for entertainment only because of the casinos. This can even be observed on the Internet: All the casinos come from these regions, which we then see on comparison sites, where there is supposedly a bonus code suitable for everyone. It is no coincidence! So if you like this kind of entertainment, then a trip to Monaco can't hurt. Nevertheless, we would only plan such stays for fun and really without any expectations. The best thing to do is to visit such playhouses very rarely.

In America

In the United States, according to Wikipedia, most of the games are in the console game space. Almost half of the entire game market is dominated by it. PC and MMO games as well as mobile games rank clearly behind. Interestingly, tablet games are almost as popular today. And what is being played now? Action and online shooter games are all the rage there. Well, that's not really surprising, since the focus here is on the self. Americans actually play strategy and sports games much less often than we do. This does not have to mean something directly, but we can already deduce something for the entertainment industry in America. Because above all you look at yourself and at the action. If you can keep up here, you should go to the entertainment centers in America.


You can find almost all possible types of games and thus different types of entertainment around the world. You should be aware of this in advance when traveling. Would you rather go on a club vacation or would you rather start a relaxing, cozy trip over the weekend? Maybe we could help you with this.