How could I start a social startup?

Found a start-up - Into the adventure of independence

You've been sorting your thoughts and yours for a while Business model filed? Then it's high time for yours Business plan! You write this primarily for yourself, but at the same time it is also there for to address potential investors. He outlines the future structure of the company and is there to maneuver a young company through the often difficult first years. At the end of your business plan there is the Executive summary, a compelling summary. In the best case, this ensures that the fish - in our case the investor - likes the bait. Of course, what is coming must also have a hand and foot so that the business plan does not end up in a drawer. But what does it start with? First of all, the question: Why is a business plan so important? He breaks down your model into the individual components and steps and is such a tremendous help in deciding whether your plan can work. By the way, we do not recommend talking too much shop - after all, the texts should be understandable for the reader without consulting a specialist. This only makes sense for particularly technical or engineering passages that cannot simply be broken down because there are complex issues that need to be understood.

The central element of the business plan is definitely the chapter in which you write the Illuminate the idea and present it down to the last detailso that your counterpart can get an exact Imagine the usefulness of your product can make. There are also platforms such as those of the Federal Ministry of Economics that can help you draw up a business plan.

Better to be on the safe side

In order for your start-up to get the green light, you have to register for tax purposes and Business registration notify the finance and trade office. The latter also goes hand in hand with compulsory membership of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Unless you start out as a sole trader or freelancer. If you have employees in your team, you have to work with them social insurance and at the Employer's liability insurance association for statutory accident insurance report - craftsmen must contact the Chamber of Crafts and independent artists and publicists at the Artists' Social Fund (KSK) be registered. With a view to basic and industry-specific risks, you should always have the appropriate, even despite small budgets Insurance for liability and legal protection Think about it for your start-up, after all, small mistakes - especially if you are not yet tried and tested in corporate management - can cause great damage.

Which legal form do I choose for my start-up?

What do I want to be responsible for and how expensive can it all be - do I want to be personally liable or would I rather limit the whole thing to a certain amount of assets? This is a very central question insofar as you have to deal with the Choice of legal form not only decide what your company wants to be liable forbut also how it is at all presented to the outside world. First of all, it should be said: Saving taxes shouldn't be too much in the foreground - the decision for the legal form with which you can best exist with your start-up in the market, however, should be. In principle, anyone can register a business under their own name and - under the legal form of Sole proprietorship - Be self-employed with little effort and conclude contracts in your own name. In this case you are fully personally liable. But if you don't want to take this path into your own business alone and join forces with others, someone will come along Civil law society, also GbR or BGB society, in question. This is understood to mean an association of persons for business purposes, whereby the Assets of the partners a common is and the individual partner not the freedom to make decisions about his share. It is subject to the provisions of the German Civil Code (BGB), not those of the Commercial Code (HGB) and is therefore no trading company. Even with this legal form, I am personally liable for every step I take on my business path - with the difference that my business partners can also conclude contracts and everyone is jointly liable for every decision. Of course, this requires a great deal of trust, since everyone involved can be held liable with their private assets, and a certain foresight. In addition, you should put the rules of your GbR in writing so that you don't get in the wool unnecessarily.

A GmbH, by the way, the most common legal form in Germany, is also fully personally liable. The key difference is that the shareholder - as the name suggests - only has limited liability. More precisely, he is liable only with his deposit, i.e. only up to the amount that is specified in the contract as share capital. This limitation of liability sounds promising at first - especially for people in need of security. However, some resources will be needed before this type of legal form can be set up. Therefore, consider whether you would like to start as a sole proprietorship in an uncomplicated way with little financial and bureaucratic effort and then change your legal form after a certain period of time. You can also get support in choosing the right legal form for you, for example from a start-up project planner.

As far as the contracts are concerned, caution is advised: Since you have to assume that a start-up will Founding team may not always remain in the constellation and someone can jump off at any time, it is not advisable to conclude partnership agreements that do not Separation clauses from shareholders contain. And in the event that you ever get into the situation of wanting to transfer shares, you definitely should Involve tax advisors.

And which legal issues do I still have to deal with? It would of course be practical if all matters were bundled in one start-up right. Unfortunately this is not so. Instead, there are topics that are located in the most diverse areas of law - from Corporate law about the Trademark and patent law up to Employment Law - towards you. With a view to online shops or the legally compliant design of websites or newsletters, that too IT and data protection law important influencing factors. The general laws therefore apply in principle. But of course it is understandable that you don't feel like wallowing through a number of legal texts. Therefore, it makes sense to get an expert opinion - be it in the form of a lawyer, a well-known lawyer or with the help of reading, on the basis of which you can get an initial overview. One or the other is also made easier for young companies, for example when it comes to the Protection against dismissal or the Fixed-term employment contracts goes. In addition, there are - in order to stimulate the development of a new start-up trend - in addition to funding for spin-offs from the universities, funding for investors, accelerator programs and tax breaks. What is characteristic of start-up law: You speak Denglish and uses its own terminology, which you should familiarize yourself with and which you should perhaps first put to the test.

The marketing plan