Why are European governments against Google

US government plans lawsuit against Google - for monopoly formation

After the European Union had already punished Google for discriminating against competitors, the USA are now also planning to sue the company. The process has been sought for a long time.

The US government is targeting Google with a competition lawsuit. It could be the biggest case of competition in the technology industry since the Windows giant Microsoft was nearly smashed at the turn of the century. The allegation is that Google has an illegal monopoly position in Internet search and the associated advertising business, according to the lawsuit published on Tuesday. Eleven states also joined the lawsuit.

The group ensures that competitors cannot gain a foothold in the market, argued the Ministry of Justice. One example are deals with Apple or Samsung, for example, through which the Google search is preset as the standard in the web browser. Google's behavior puts America at risk of missing out on the next wave of innovation, said Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen.

Google dominates internet search

The lawsuit was expected for a long time after the first investigations into the market power of Google in the search engine business became known. The group dominates Internet searches both in the USA and in Europe with market shares between 80 and 90 percent.

In Europe, the EU Commission's competition watchdogs have been targeting Google for years and have imposed billions in fines, among other things because of the shopping search business and the Android smartphone operating system. The group defends itself against this in court, but was able to digest the payments easily financially.

Despite the lawsuit, Google shares were up around 0.8 in early trading