Decreases rendering quality

Why should exporting to SVG reduce the quality of the rendering?

You need to understand something about rendering.

It's kind of a reinterpretation. The same as a piece of music that was instructed to be played in a score but is reinterpreted by the artist.

In this case, each browser takes the instructions in an SVG file and reinterprets them. They render it, they don't just present it.

So different browsers have different render engines and reinterpret different content in different ways.

Some can contain aliasing or anti-aliasing elements, others can only be rendered quickly, others can smooth elements at the subpixel level.

You can't control that. This is indicated by the render engine and the user's preferences, if so.

This is what happens in the small version. Your rendering engine creates an alias rendering.

For example, instead of seeing a line 1.5 pixels wide (which you can't have) you will see a 2px line.

Another rendering engine or method could produce a 1-pixel line and another line with a different shade of gray to simulate the 1/2 pixel.

You can try either leaving the text as text or converting it to curves. Hoping that most render engines will interpret one method better than the other.